Charleston DUI News for 02-10-2018

Charleston DUI Lawyer – “DUI? It Could Happen to You!” – Phipps Law Frim, Mount PLeasant . 60 sec

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, DUI Attorney

The Law Offices of Dwayne Green handles personal injury, wrongful death, parole and pardon cases. Dwayne Green has over 20 years of experience as trial lawyer helping clients and their families with their legal needs. If you have been in an accident and have sustained an injury which is not your fault, or if you have recently lost a loved one in an automobile or trucking collision, we can help. Dwayne also handles DUI’s and criminal defense matters for clients who need representation in those areas. If you choose our firm to represent you, we will keep you advised on the status of your case and will personally handle your legal matter until it is resolved. We take pride in keeping our clients informed on the status of their cases and seek to have each matter handled as efficiently and expediently as possible. In the event your case requires a jury trial, we use our experience and training to seek the best possible court result on your behalf. If you have a legal problem or question and you are not sure whether or not you need legal representation, please review this website and contact us in the event we may be of assistance. We are conveniently located in downtown Charleston at the corner of Congress and Rutledge Avenue. We thank you for your interest in our law firm, and we look forward to being of service and helping you with your legal needs.

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Attorney in North Charleston, SC

Attorney Eduardo K. Curry has practiced law since 1991 and specializes in family law, criminal defense, and personal injury cases. He also represents clients involving nursing home abuse, child support, 18-wheeler accidents, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and federal and state drug charges. He is also a divorce lawyer, probate lawyer, and estate lawyer. He works as an attorney in both state and federal courts. Attorney Eduardo K. Curry specializes in family law, personal injury law, and criminal defense. Call today for an appointment at one of our offices. We have two locations in North Charleston and Walterboro for your convenience. We work with clients throughout the Lowcountry, including Charleston and Summerville.

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Local Attorneys & Law Firms in Charleston, SC

FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning. Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire. Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Charleston, South Carolina attorney for legal advice.

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Criminal & Personal Injury Attorney: North Charleston, SC: Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law

Being arrested for driving under the influence is serious business, so make sure you have a serious DUI lawyer by your side. North Charleston, SC’s Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law will examine the details surrounding your arrest and make sure proper procedures were followed. Attorney O’Neal will compile evidence that can be used to reduce your charge and do all he can to keep you from serving jail time, losing your license or paying heavy fines. Choose an experienced DUI attorney-reach out to Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law today.

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Michael A. Uricchio South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are accused of a crime, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges filed. It is your right to seek out an experienced South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney to help you maintain your innocence. The law firm of Michael A. Uricchio, Attorney at Law, brings over 20 years of trial experience serving the Louwcountry. Though our office is located in Charleston, SC, we serve all of South Carolina.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbia & Chesterfield

A DUI in South Carolina is a very serious charge – even for a first offense DUI conviction. Besides losing your license to drive and going to jail, having a DUI on your record may also impact your job. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in or near Columbia or Chesterfield, South Carolina, then you need an experienced DUI attorney to to get this off your record by finding the right solution for your case.

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Williams and Walsh Attorneys at Law

When someone injures or kills someone as a result of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that person can be charged with Felony Driving Under the Influence. This is a serious charge which carries mandatory minimum jail sentences and can result in a substantial driver’s license suspension. If you are charged with Felony DUI, please call Williams & Walsh, LLC at 722-0157.

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The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we’re here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Contact us instead. We have experienced attorneys working day in and day out on helping people with legal matters. Find out how our services can help you get back on track and the legal system on your side.

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Charleston DUI News for 12-22-2017

Best DWI and DUI Lawyers

Seth Rose is a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law and a former Richland County Assistant Solicitor-a position in which he prosecuted at trial various crimes, including DUI, Drug & alcohol offenses, burglary, armed robbery, and even murder. The founding partners became good friends first while attending law school at the University of South Carolina over 25 years ago. In addition to drinking beer and learning law, Art taught Robert how to sail on Lake Murray. Rew’s family law practice is dedicated to providing focused attention to each of his clients, and he has experience resolving a variety of legal problems, including criminal defense, DUI, divorce, and personal injury law. Mr. Johnson opened his office in Columbia after graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Law. We help families when they are restructuring and need a family law attorney. The lawyer you select should be experienced and tested, respected among his peers and adversaries, knowledgeable in the law, adept in and out of the courtroom, skilled in the art of persuasion, tireless in his cause, and passionate in the pursuit of justice. Milling Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to serving those in need, and strives to secure the best possible resolution under the circumstances, whether it may be through trial or negotiation. No one can promise you a particular result, but the Milling Law Firm, LLC can promise to use the best efforts and best abilities to obtain the best result possible. Michael practices criminal defense law, and has since 1998. We have searched to find the best DUI attorneys / lawyers in Charleston; those who are experienced with DUI law and who know how to deal with the affects of being arrested for DUI. These top-rated attorneys focus a significant portion of their practices to defending those accused of DUI and they understand that the consequences of a DUI conviction can destroy reputations, families, careers, and finances. These best DUI attorneys of Columbia are continually learning and staying abreast of the latest changes in DUI laws in the state of South Carolina and have demonstrated an ability to navigate through a Columbia courtroom. When you have an attorney who is experienced with DUI offenses you will feel more confident and calmer than when you are dealing with someone who is a general practice attorney who takes any and all cases. Attorneys accepted as the best DUI lawyers in Columbia must show they devote a significant portion of their practice to DUI defense. Lawyers chosen to be a part of Best DWI Lawyers are experts in their field and we choose who will be rated with Best DWI Lawyers.

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Daniel A. Selwa, II Attorney At Law, LLC

The DUI Laws are working as Intended In 2014 a Post and Courier article cites the Charleston Chief of Police who provides the example of a woman who they had to charge with public disorderly conduct instead of DUI because she was sitting in her car, the officer never saw her drive the car, and the officer did not have a videotape available. The point is, if you cannot see the person’s feet, there is no evidence of what the person’s feet were doing – it is not helpful to view a person’s legs as the officer tells us their recollection of what the feet were doing. A prosecutor cites an example of a case where “It was dark and the driver’s face couldn’t be seen on camera as the officer had the driver close his eyes and touch his nose.” First of all, closing your eyes and touching your nose is not a standardized field sobriety test approved by NHTSA and the officer should not have been administering it in the first place. If the officer is going to use a non-standardized FST, it should be visible on the camera. It may be dark, but the officer’s car is equipped with headlights as well as a camera. A legislator complains that a defendant can create their own defense by doing something that takes them off the camera through no fault of the officer. 2) It is on the officer to ensure that the FST’s are administered properly and that they are recorded. 1) You will never see a defendant’s eyes well enough on the video to confirm or debunk the officer’s testimony about the HGN, and I have never seen a judge dismiss a DUI on this basis. It is critical to be able to see how the officer performs the test, because many officers do not perform the test properly. ” Hurts who? The prosecutor’s office? There is no Loophole. In cases where the driver is too drunk to drive and where the officer follows the statute, the prosecutor will get a conviction unless they use the law as an excuse to dismiss cases and lighten their case load. When the officer follows the law and the driver is drunk, the prosecutor has competent evidence to use at trial. When the officer does not follow the law and/or the driver is not drunk, the case will get dismissed. If you believe that police officers are routinely honest and transparent during traffic stops including DUI arrests, you have never worked in the criminal courts or you are incredibly naive. The videotape requirements are intended to prevent officers from conducting FST’s out of the camera’s view and then lying about the results, and for this reason alone they are necessary. It’s the best practice to protect you and I from officers who will lie or exaggerate their testimony to obtain convictions.

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