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Wade Bradford’s defense did not convince the jury as they found him guilty in the shooting death of Natalie Allan. Bradford and Allan had met when Allan worked in one of Bradford’s massage parlors. During the trial, the prosecutors told the court that Bradford had shot Allan when she broke up with him and she and Myles had gone to Bradford’s place to get her things. According to Jackson, the gun accidentally went off because Myles had suddenly lunged at Bradford. Aside from Allan’s death, Bradford is also facing charges for the death of another of his former girlfriend, Eleanor Su.Austin man convicted in shooting death of motorist. A sentence of life imprisonment looms for Darius Lovings after the jury found him liable for the death of William Ervin in 2012. Aside from Ervin’s death, Lovings is also facing charges of robbery and attempted murder. Cleveland defense attorney John Gibbons said there is no excuse for Kelley’s involvement in the corruption his cooperation is the best way for him to make amends. Murder charge dismissed in shooting death of man from Trussville. The murder charge filed against Freddie Earl Patton,53, for the shooting death of his girlfriend’s father, Kenneth Millar, 81, has been dismissed upon the request of the Deputy District Attorney. Birmingham criminal attorney John Lentine said that a manslaughter charge should have been filed instead of murder because the shooting was an accident. If Patton gets indicted, he will have to go back to jail.20 years in prison for murder conviction in nightclub shooting. A murder conviction will have Mark Anthony Garcia spending 20 years in prison for the death of Michael Angelo Morales. Morales was shot to death outside a nightclub in 2008. Garcia’s first murder trial ended in a mistrial but he was not so lucky in the second trial.

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A person who has two previous strike offenses and is charged with a third strike offence may receive a sentence of life without parole upon conviction of the third strike. Persons Crimes: These are crimes committed against individuals and are treated more seriously under our law and many are “Strike” and “Violent” offenses: Robbery, Assault and Battery, Criminal Sexual Conduct, and Murder. Having an experienced attorney can influence all aspects of the criminal process so the sooner the attorney is working on your case the better the outcome is likely to be. Often having an attorney involved from the moment that you are contacted by law enforcement can make the difference between charges being brought or the embarrassment and inconvenience of arrest being avoided. Should I talk to law enforcement without an attorney? No. You can’t talk your way out of criminal charges but you can talk yourself into them. An experienced attorney can help you avoid the pitfalls involved in communicating with police and where warranted, can make any potential cooperation meaningful. Bring all paperwork that you have: tickets, bond sheet, booking sheet, any letters from the solicitor or city attorney. Who makes the decisions in my criminal case if I hire you? The resolution of a criminal matter, either by trial or by plea, may be biggest decision that a person can make in their life. One goal of every criminal defense attorney is to reduce or eliminate the incarceration of their client. The attorney is concerned with more than just short-term goals. The attorney must work towards that best possible outcome. Some persons are charged because of their criminal history, not because of what they may have done. Having a significant criminal history is a disadvantage in the criminal justice system but it is not determinative.

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Driving under the influence and driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration charges can happen to anyone. If you have been charged with these crimes, it is important to get help from skilled legal counsel. I am Ravi Sanyal, a Charleston DUI defense attorney and founder of the Sanyal Law Firm, LLC. With more than a decade of experience as a DUI prosecutor, I understand the laws and procedures for both the Department of Motor Vehicles informed consent hearings, as well any criminal charges you might be facing. Contact me, a South Carolina drunk driving defense lawyer, online or call 843-641-0347 to discuss your case. I provide a strong defense in all drunk driving cases. Whether you are facing repeat/felony DUI charges or underage DUI charges, I will attack the evidence at every turn, including the results of Breathalyzer tests and field sobriety tests. Just because you have failed a breath or blood test and have been charged with a DUI, DUAC, or reckless driving, does not mean you are automatically guilty. You have the right to a hearing to contest a suspended license and a trial to fight any criminal charges. As an experienced South Carolina criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, I have the knowledge and skill required to handle your case. I can uncover the weaknesses in the police reports and the evidence against you, and handle both the hearings concerning your driver’s license and any criminal hearings. I will fight to protect your rights at every turn in the process. If you have been charged with drunk driving, get skilled legal help immediately. Contact me, a Charleston DUI defense lawyer, online or call 843-641-0347 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. I offer evening, weekend and off-site appointments by request, and I accept all major credit cards.

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Charleston DUI News for 12-31-2017

First Offense DUI in South Carolina

South Carolina is working hard to reduce DUIs – the fatality rate from alcohol-related accidents has dropped 40% in the past decade. Below we list the penalties for a first offense and the associated administrative penalties assessed by the state licensing bureau. Note that aggravating factors such as having a child in the car or having a BAC over.15, may affect penalties. Administrative Penalties First offense DUI carries mandatory administrative license suspension of six months, unless otherwise successfully contested in an administrative hearing. First offense refusals to submit under implied consent laws carry a comparable mandatory license suspension of six months. Reinstatement of license contingent upon completion of alcohol/substance abuse assessment and counseling in limited circumstances. First offense convictions carry possibility of required installation of ignition interlock device upon reinstatement of driving privileges. To get an idea of how much a first offense DUI will cost you, see our article on the cost of a DUI. Criminal Penalties First offense DUI penalties are applied based on BAC of offender at time of arrest. If BAC.08% to.10%, offender faces mandatory incarceration of two days up to maximum of thirty days. 10% to less than.16%, offender faces mandatory incarceration of at least three days with maximum of thirty days. 16%, offender faces incarceration of at least thirty days, but not more than ninety days. In all cases, incarceration may be avoided via public service employment for first time offenders. Fines range from $400 to $1,000 depending on BAC, and in turn, fines do not include costs incurred during completion of terms of sentence, process of license reinstatement, or additional fees and surcharges assessed. Conviction of first offense DUI in South Carolina will influence subsequent arrests and convictions for DUI for a period of ten years. State statutes in South Carolina bar reducing DUI charges into lesser criminal offenses offenders will may have an opportunity for pleading down sentencing or working towards dismissal of all charges.

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At the Law Office of Peter David Brown, we understand the immediate impact a driving under the influence arrest has on your life, as well as the possible long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. Peter Brown and his experienced team know that you need your license to work, take care of your family, and go about your daily routine. Denise McDaniel has worked with Peter Brown for the last eleven years handling DUI’s from all over the State. It’s important that you know your rights and available options. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, or anywhere in the State of South Carolina, you have only thirty days to request an Administrative Hearing if they have suspended your license. We can petition the DMV for an Administrative Hearing to challenge the suspension of your drivers’ license and request a Temporary Alcohol Restricted License. We have been representing clients charged with DUI throughout the State of South Carolina for almost thirty years. We will fully investigate and evaluate your case and provide you with a strategic approach to defend your rights based on the specific circumstances surrounding your arrest. The Law Office of Peter David Brown, P.A. and our experienced team in Mount Pleasant handle DUI charges ranging from first time misdemeanor offenses to Felony DUIs. Mr. Brown, a Citadel Graduate, is licensed to practice law in both South Carolina and Georgia. Among other courses, Peter Brown has completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration practitioner’s course on Standardized Field Sobriety Testing in 2001. Peter has used that specific knowledge to defend his clients in courtrooms throughout South Carolina for the last sixteen years. He is one of a select group of lawyers in the State who are members of the National College for DUI Defense, Inc. We routinely employ former traffic supervisors as case analysts who themselves have written hundreds of tickets for DUI during their career as law enforcement officers. If your case has weaknesses, we will diligently search for them in an effort to avoid a conviction.

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If you are stopped by the police and an officer has a reasonable suspicion that you are materially and appreciably impaired, you could be arrested for Driving Under the Influence. You could be charged with the criminal offense of drunk driving, and could lose your license and even end up in jail. A Charleston DUI attorney can help you fight to avoid these undesirable outcomes, and can assist in negotiating a plea agreement to try to reduce the penalties that you face. Howell and Christmas, LLC represents clients accused of crimes, including drunk driving. We understand the science, as well as the law, behind DUI cases, and we will work hard to help you throughout your case. Drunk Driving Charges in Charleston, SC. South Carolina’s implied consent laws impose penalties for refusing to submit to a test of your blood alcohol concentration if you have been arrested for driving under the influence. You do not have to submit to field sobriety tests, and can politely decline to do so, but those are different from testing your BAC. If you refuse to submit to a BAC test, your refusal can be used as evidence against you in your DUI case and lead to the suspension of your license. If you take a breath, blood, or urine test, and your BAC is.15 or greater, you face an automatic 6-month suspension of your license for a first offense. You can request a hearing to challenge this suspension, but you must act quickly as you have only 30 days to try to fight for your license. If you do not try to stop the administrative suspension, or if the suspension is upheld at your hearing, you may be required to complete a South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program to get your license back. A drunk driving defense lawyer can help you respond to both DUI criminal charges, as well as to your administrative license suspension. The right approach to your DUI charges depends upon the specifics of your case. Our DUI lawyers in Charleston have represented many clients who faced drunk driving charges. We’ll put our legal experience to work to help you make strategic choices throughout your case.

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Charleston DUI News for 12-30-2017

DUI Attorneys in South Carolina

Current South Carolina law takes much of the discretion that judges once had in determining DUI sentences away from them. The rigidity of sentencing is tempered by the actual process of DUI defense. Our attorneys counsel our clients on the likely severity of sentencing and the affects that a SC DUI conviction may have on them. Clients are free to make their own decision whether to face trial, in an attempt to gain acquittal or dismissal, or to accept the known quantity of a negotiated favorable plea deal. Different situations and risk tolerances call for different decisions. In every case, we will be willing to fight for you all the way through trial. The following sentencing minimums and ranges are the starting point for judges, solicitors, and criminal defense attorneys when considering the consequences of a DUI. The applicable range of punishment depends on whether the DUI is a first offense or a subsequent one and the defendant’s BAC level as determined by the breathalyzer. BAC: Less than 0.10% 0.10%-0.15% 0.16% or more First Offense 6 month license suspension. In addition to fines, license suspension, and community service or jail, for second and subsequent DUI offenders, the court will order that an ignition interlock device be installed in the defendant’s car at the defendant’s expense, upon conviction. The DMV will also record and publish the names of those convicted of DUI. Facing these harsh sentences, a common question asked by those accused of DUI in South Carolina is whether it is possible bargain DUIs down to lesser offenses. In SC, solicitors may not make this bargain as once was allowed and may still be allowed in other states. Where facts supporting a DUI exist, solicitors must charge the offense as a DUI. Plea bargaining is still possible, but on different terms than in other states. Our DUI defense attorneys are ready to answer your questions and fight to preserve your rights. If for you if you have been charged with DUI or any other crime in SC, call us toll-free at 877-374-5999 or contact us by email for a private, confidential consultation to review your particular case.

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Denial happens to be the most opted common defense for any committed mistake or crime today. When one faces DUI cases, denial happens to be the least suggested defense method. A capable and competent DUI lawyer assists his client to come up with excellent DUI strategies so that he gets out of the murky situation as soon as possible. It is only a qualified DUI lawyer who knows that the only way for DUI defense is breaking down the evidences that are provided by the officer who arrested his client and then the prosecution. Such evidences often happen to be based on very subjective judgment instead of the scientific and objective evidences. One fact which however is difficult to deal with is the blood test report of the convict since they are conducted by expert medical technicians. Being conducted by expert doctors never guarantees the 100 percent error less results as they are also prone to human errors. So it is possible that the medical test taken by the doctor might not have been properly administered. Conducting a thorough investigation regarding the way the test was administered could prove to be very beneficial for the client. Still for the DUI consequences, the best bet is to question the judgment of the arresting officer himself. The arresting officer must be able to confirm that a constitutional and justifiable reason exists for them to continue with the issue of the warrant and then detaining the driver. The police officer should be able to draw out a relation between the drinking and the driver’s careless driving behavior. Some traffic violations that are considered valid are waving in public, swerving, speeding and drifting randomly around lanes but yet they do not happen to be valid charges for drunk driving charges. To establish DUI defense against such rough behavior of drivers, the DUI criminal defenses attorney needs to prove that his client’s such driving behaviors are due to different other reasons. Some possible explanations that can be given in such instances are the driver talking over the phone due to some unavoidable situations like medical emergency, exhaustion, sleepiness or due to distraction from members seating at the back seats.

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The legal team of Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. will pursue whichever direction you decide to take your case. After over 20 years of handling difficult criminal defense cases, we know how to represent you. The team at Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. has learned many lessons about providing the finest customer service for our clients. DUI cases are not just a legal matter, but a personal one as well. We at Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. are completely willing to help you make an appropriate decision towards your DUI matter now. At Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C., we understand that facing DUI charges is never an easy thing to go through. The representative team at Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. has seen the results of these charges on clients of other defenders. It can be devastating to your life in the North Charleston area. If you are facing trial soon concerning your DUI charge, lean on the knowledgeable and kind help from the team at Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. to meet your case with success. Over our over 20 years of experience, we have helped clients facing DUI charges, and if you are in or around North Charleston, you can benefit from our help as well. When you hire a DUI lawyer, you need an attorney who can understand every aspect of the legal system. We have studied cutting-edge negotiation tactics and have over 20 years of experience working out plea bargains with North Charleston area prosecutors. If you decide to take your case to trial, Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. will help you along every step of the way from arguing your case at hearings to presenting your case to a jury and into appeals. Jury trials are a specialty of ours, and we have a strong understanding of how juries will make their decisions in DUI cases. Contact Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. to talk with a North Charleston area attorney about your case today.

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