Driving under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs can cost a lot more than you may imagine.

If you are found guilty of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, narcotic drugs or you have an unlawful blood/ breath alcohol content, your privilege to drive may be suspended – from six months for a first offense up to a permanent suspension for repeat offenders.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – If you’ve been arrested, please reach out by phone, via chat, or through our email contact form and a licensed legal professional will assist you in assessing your situation.

Charleston DUI News for 08-04-2018

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Dear Howard,The purpose of this letter is first to assure you that I am deeply grateful that you were able to work out an agreement with the State's Attorney to secure a lesser charge of reckless driving which will allow me to...

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Charleston DUI News for 08-03-2018

Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson This is why many turn to their Walnut Creek DUI lawyers - because without their counsel, these people might not know that IT IS IMPORTANT to request a hearing and stay of suspension anyway, within those 10 days, to have a better chance...

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Charleston DUI News for 08-02-2018

Phoenix Arizona DUI Lawyer Our Attorneys have successfully defended and coached thousands of clients after they have received a DUI. Her book effectively explains the complex court process and helps navigate you through the turbulent waters of the justice system....

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Charleston DUI News for 08-01-2018

The Orlando DUI Law Testimonial and documentary evidences are the prime basis of the juries in deciding a criminal case presented before them and inadequacy thereto would thus favorable to Orlando dui attorney and lead to defendant's acquittal as the guilt needs to be...

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Charleston DUI News for 07-31-2018

Driving Under the Influence Driving is a privilege that the State of Nevada may regulate. If a person violates any state driving laws, his driver's license may be suspended, revoked, or canceled. See generally NRS chapter 483; see also Yohey v. State, Dept. Under...

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Charleston DUI News for 07-30-2018

Law Offices of Ziad Youssef, PLLC The Law Offices of Ziad I. Youssef, PLLC is one of Whatcom County's leading defense practices focusing on DUI, Criminal Defense, Infraction and Auto-Injury cases. Are here to provide the care and support you need while taking care of...

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Charleston DUI News for 07-29-2018

Find a trusted DUI Attorney near you DUIAttorney.com is the best DUI resource on the internet. We feel it's extremely important to educate yourself about DUI and DWI laws prior to choosing your DUI Lawyer. The DUI attorney you choose to hire for your potentially...

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Charleston DUI News for 07-28-2018

DUI attorney Los Angeles, CA For the past twenty-five years, I have been a DUI and criminal defense lawyer representing clients in the greater Los Angeles area including the communities of Beverly Hills, East Los Angeles, Encino, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys,...

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