Driving under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs can cost a lot more than you may imagine.

If you are found guilty of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, narcotic drugs or you have an unlawful blood/ breath alcohol content, your privilege to drive may be suspended – from six months for a first offense up to a permanent suspension for repeat offenders.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – If you’ve been arrested, please reach out by phone, via chat, or through our email contact form and a licensed legal professional will assist you in assessing your situation.

Charleston DUI News for 05-18-2018

DUI Defense Attorney in Los Angeles He is known throughout Los Angeles and Southern California as a top rated Los Angeles DUI defense attorney. As a DUI defense attorney, Michael Kraut handles all matters concerning DUI charges, DMV administrative hearing throughout...

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Charleston DUI News for 05-17-2018

DUI Defence Lawyer Toronto What you need to know about Drinking and Driving Law in Canada. The law surrounding drinking and driving offences is extremely technical, complex and ever-changing. These offences are taken extremely seriously by the Crown and the penalties...

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Charleston DUI News for 05-16-2018

DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL In Jacksonville, DUI lawyer and defense attorney Dale C. Carson and his team have an extraordinary record of successfully fighting drunk driving charges, license suspensions and other traffic offenses-getting many charges dismissed or...

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Charleston DUI News for 05-15-2018

Drunk Driving Attorney Omaha DUI Attorney For over 17 years, Nebraska attorney Thomas M. Petersen of Petersen Law Offices has been defending individuals charged with driving under the influence, or DUI. As a result of his dedication to defending his clients, Attorney...

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Charleston DUI News for 05-14-2018

Published by Boston, Massachusetts DUI Attorney Once again I'm Boston criminal defense attorney Ben Urbelis. The prosecution began putting forth its case after opening statements by calling Lorne Giroux to the stand. I found myself questioning why the prosecution...

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Charleston DUI News for 05-13-2018

Mishlove & Stuckert Attorneys at Law You do not want one bad night to hurt you for the rest of your life! With all of this at stake, you need the very best OWI DUI defense law firm. When it comes to OWI-DUI cases, no Wisconsin law firm has better credentials than...

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Charleston DUI News for 05-12-2018

Ontario dui, DUI in Ontario, D.U.I. Ontario, Canada The DUI offence of excess blood alcohol or over 80 is usually proven by breath tests that determine blood alcohol concentration using and approved instrument such as a Breathalyzer 900 900A or Intoxilyzer 5000C....

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Charleston DUI News for 05-11-2018

Hanna & Ruud, LLC Attorneys at Law DUI Criminal Defense 309.797.9000 Hanna & Ruud, LLC is a full-service criminal defense law firm located Downtown Moline. Founded by Attorney Steve Hanna and Attorney Jonathan Ruud, Hanna & Ruud has developed a reputation for...

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