New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney

Our personal injury lawyers fight hard to protect the interests of injury victims and strive to obtain the maximize compensation possible for their losses. Some common types of personal injury cases that we handle include motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and construction accidents. Often, personal injury lawsuits require a plaintiff to establish negligence. Many types of damages may be available in personal injury claims, such as medical expenses, lost income and earning capacity, costs of future treatment, pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, property damage, and more. Following a severe collision, injury victims incur substantial medical costs which often result in financial hardship. 

Injury victims suffer disruption to and changes in employment. Our auto accident attorneys can help New Hampshire victims make sure that they are not unfairly blamed for a crash. We understand panic braking, hazard avoidance, and counter steering techniques – all of which can impact injury cases involving motorcycle riders. If you have been charged with simple assault, the prosecutor will need to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly or purposely caused a bodily injury or offensive physical contact to somebody else. The prosecutor will need to show that you negligently caused a bodily injury to another person by using a deadly weapon or recklessly caused a bodily injury. 

Truck accidents can be complex, and it is important to retain a New Hampshire personal injury attorney who is experienced in litigating these cases. Our New Hampshire personal injury lawyers can guide you through this process and help you assert your right to compensation for items such as the victim’s funeral expenses as well as the loss of the victim’s contributions to your life. 

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DUI for Prescription Drugs

Many people do not realize that driving while under the influence of certain medications can result in arrest and conviction for DUI. And it does not matter that the prescription drug was legally prescribed by a doctor and taken in a lawful manner. If you have been charged with drugged driving, contact an Orlando DUI attorney at Kramer Law so that we can ensure you are treated fairly and start working on your defense. A Florida officer may stop a driver on suspicion of prescription drug DUI in the same manner as driving under the influence of alcohol. Because these tests are inconclusive, an arrest for prescription drug DUI must include a blood test or urine test to further determine that drugs were present in the driver’s system. 

Talk to an Orlando DUI attorney at Kramer Law as soon as possible to discuss your case and the defenses available. We only have 10 days to challenge the suspension of a driver’s license after a DUI arrest, so we must start representing you right away. DUI is a serious offense in Florida, regardless of whether the arrest relates to alcohol, a controlled substance, or prescribed medications. In addition to DUI penalties, any drug-related conviction in Florida leads to an automatic two-year suspension of a driver’s license. A driver under the influence of an illegally obtained prescription drug may also face charges of illegal possession of prescription medications. 

Several factors can influence the accuracy of a chemical test used for a DUI drug arrest. Contact us immediately to discuss your DUI drug case and the specific defense strategies available. We have the experience and the resources necessary to successfully fight against questionable scientific evidence or criminal charges of DUI for prescription drugs. 

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The Law Offices of David Altman has successfully defended clients facing serious felonies and misdemeanors including robbery, burglary, theft, white collar crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence, drug possession and distribution, DWI, DUI drunk driving, alcohol consumption and possession by minors and other criminal charges for over 35 years. We are committed to providing the top quality criminal defense in Washington County and throughout Southern Utah. If you have been charged with a serious criminal offense, you need an experienced and aggressive St. George criminal defense lawyer who will effectively represent you through every stage of your criminal case and has a proven track record to keep you out of jail and obtain the best possible resolution for you. The St. 

George criminal defense law firm, Law Offices of David Altman, is here to protect the rights of the accused in Southern Utah. We understand the seriousness of criminal charges and are always available to discuss your case, answer your questions and tailor a defense strategy to help you through the criminal process. If you are seeking aggressive, competent and superior legal representation, call St. George Criminal Defense lawyer David Altman for a free no obligation, confidential consultation to discuss your concerns. Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America award is limited to the most qualified and accomplished attorneys in the United States and less than one percent of the attorneys of America. 

The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys is an organization devoted to recognizing the top Personal Injury lawyers in the nation and less than 1% of the more than 1 million attorneys in the United States have received this prestigious award. 

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