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DUI Defense is one of the most challenging areas of the criminal law. Knowledge of The Law: New cases are decided by the courts every day and new laws are constantly being changed by the Legislature. We keep track of the law on a daily basis because the Lawyers in this Firm literally write the book on DUI Defense and we understand that the best lawyer knows the law better than the opposition. Knowledge of Science: In order to be an effective DUI Defense Lawyer you must understand the science of alcohol absorption, distribution and elimination. Our office has a library of over 3,000 scientific articles on all aspects of science as applied to DUI Defense and we attend and teach at continuing education seminars. 

VIEW INDEX OF OUR SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES. Knowledge of Police Procedures: A great DUI lawyer must be trained in challenging standardized field sobriety testing and also be up to date on police procedures and protocols to effectively challenge police officer opinions of sobriety. VIEW OUR LIBRARY OF POLICE MANUALS. Knowledge of the System: There is no substitute for experience. We have represented over 8,000 citizens charged with DUI related offenses. 

We are a client centric firm! All of our clients are unique individuals with unique problems and circumstances. We pride ourselves in taking a holistic view of our client’s problems and are always there to help them navigate through whatever challenges that they may have as a consequence of the charges that they face. Clients who are charged with having prior convictions have special problems and unique needs. We have a comprehensive network of professionals and services to assist our clients who are in need intervention and treatment and utilize these resources for our client personal and legal betterment. 

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A DUI Lawyer Explains Teenagers and Drunk Driving Charges

It doesn’t take much to change the trajectory of a teenager’s life, and that can happen with an arrest for drunk driving. Prosecutors take this type of offense very seriously, which is why it is always advisable to seek the services of a DUI lawyer immediately after your teenager has been arrested for this offense. The Law Office Of Jeffrey Thompson is a Melbourne DUI attorney firm that has spent 30 years defending clients against these charges, and over that time, we’ve seen how an inadequate defense can affect a teenager’s life for many years. As a parent, it’s important for you to understand the penalties and fines for a teenager charged with DUI in Florida. Driver’s License – Suspended for 6 months if first offense/suspended for 12 months if teen has previous DUI conviction. 

If teen refuses to take a chemical test at the time of arrest, license is suspended for 12 months. If teen refuses test during a second DUI arrest, license is suspended for 18 months. These penalties may seem harsh, but Florida has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking, which is why it’s vital that you hire an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. When your teenager makes a big mistake and chooses to drive while intoxicated, you need a Melbourne DUI attorney to help ensure that your child’s rights are protected during the DUI processing. This is especially true if the DUI involves an injury accident, because those offenses can be charged as felonies. 

Although there are diversionary programs that can help lessen the long-lasting impact of a DUI for a teenager, the legal wrangling can often get complicated if you don’t have an experienced and trusted DUI lawyer at your side. For more than 30 years, the Law office of Jeffrey Thompson has been representing people accused of DUI offenses. 

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How Long Before You’re Charged With a DUI?

The statute of limitations for misdemeanor DUI in Arizona is one year from the time of your arrest, as is true of all misdemeanors according to A.R.S. 13 – 107. For those exceptions you will need to gain the representation and consultation of an Arizona DUI criminal defense lawyer. You need to seek the guidance of an Arizona DUI criminal defense lawyer for the most correct information regarding the statutes of limitations in your specific circumstances and for your case. We have established that your Arizona misdemeanor DUI charges must be filed within one year of your arrest on suspicion of DUI, or within seven years of that arrest for felony DUI. Beyond arrest, your Arizona DUI case will follow the standard process governed by the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. 

DUI arrest begins at the traffic stop by a law enforcement officer. This traffic stop may consist of you being pulled over by a patrol car or could be the result of a DUI checkpoint. At this time you should call an Arizona DUI criminal defense attorney, so he or she can guide you through the rest of the DUI process as it pertains to your specific case. Most people arrested for their first offense of Standard DUI in Arizona will not go to jail or through booking. Most first time offenses of Standard DUI focus on the BAC results. 

When the DUI arrest is on a felony Aggravated DUI charge, the prosecutor’s office and law enforcement will work together to gain more information about your criminal history. When you are represented in these appearances and hearings by an attorney, your concern regarding the DUI is reflected by that representation. A deal may be arranged between your DUI Lawyer Phoenix AZ and the prosecutor based upon your background and other factors. 

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