Marin County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm provides representation on driving under the influence and criminal defense cases in Marin County, California. Marin County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm knows how to combat this additional evidence and show how it is based on other factors independent of the individual being under the influence of alcohol. Representation at the DMV Hearing: Marin County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm includes representation at the DMV hearing in his flat fee. San Rafael DUI Defense Attorney is available for legal second opinions, whether you currently have an attorney, or are representing yourself. These consultations are protected by the attorney-client privilege, therefore everything discussed is 100% confidential, even if the individual never comes becomes a retained client of Marin County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm. 

An Aggressive, No-Nonsense Approach: Most importantly, Marin County DUI Lawyer Attorney Michael Rehm takes an aggressive approach to all driving under the influence cases he handles. Of course, this is not always the case, and the San Rafael DUI Lawyer should be able to properly determine which type of situation it is. MARIN COUNTY DUI DEFENSE LAWYER. Being arrested for a DUI, or any crime, is one of the more embarrassing and traumatic experiences an individual can go through. So it is a scary time, and Marin County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm recognizes this fact. 

Marin County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm commits himself to zealous representation and open, no-nonsense, and most importantly, non-judgmental communication with his clients. Contact San Rafael DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm for a free, confidential consultation at 251-1680 to determine how the best outcome can be obtained in your case. MARIN COUNTY DUI ATTORNEY – I decided to make a video going over the process in DUI Court in Marin County. 

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MA Drunk Driving Laws Questions and Answers

All cases are a little different, so I recommend you call me if you have specific questions about your situation. I’ve handled hundreds and hundreds of drunk driving cases in almost 20 years of practice. Winning means you don’t risk future consequences or restrictions the state may decide to add on for anyone with an OUI. However, many people choose to plead their case out to move on with their lives and get back on the road. In most cases, we can work out a deal for the minimum sentence allowed by law, a Continuance without a finding. 

More on how long it takes to resolve a drunk driving case. If your lawyer doesn’t represent people in these cases every day, he may not understand the legal complexities, and defense strategies that the top DWI attorneys are using, both nationwide and here in Massachusetts, to great success. In most cases, experience in DUI law is more relevant than any local court connections or advantage. See my full article on District Court Experience vs. OUI Case Experience. 

A lawyer who primarily does DUI cases will know the best strategies to employ to give you the best possible defense. Make sure your attorney lays out all the possible consequences of a DUI conviction or CWOF, including the effect of a criminal record, and registry & license considerations, if you have a teenage or under 21 Mass DUI case. These are excellent cases to fight, and my batting average is nearly perfect on these low BAC cases. The police may issue you a criminal citation for OUI instead of arresting you in cases where alleged facts about an OUI come out after the incident, or if there was an injury and you are taken to a hospital for medical treatment. There is no statute of limitation on unresolved outstanding OUI cases if you were charged or arrested but fail to appear in court. 

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Colorado felony DUI law: New sentence mandates go into effect Wednesday

A law requiring anyone convicted of a felony DUI offense in Colorado to spend some time behind bars – even if they are granted a probationary sentence – goes into effect Wednesday, closing a loophole that has allowed some to avoid being locked up while others receive lengthy prison stints. The legislation, passed by lawmakers earlier this year, requires felony drunken drivers to serve 90 to 180 days in jail if a judge decides to give them probation. If a work release program is available and is part of an offender’s sentence, that person is required to serve 120 days to two years in jail. The Denver Post last year reviewed sentencing data on felony driving under the influence and found judges were handing out wildly different sentences for habitual drunken drivers, with about 8 percent of those defendants convicted of felony DUI receiving no incarceration time at all. Nearly 30 percent of the cases reviewed resulted in a prison sentence. 

Colorado enacted a law in 2015 that made a fourth and all subsequent DUI offenses a felony. From that time to the end of last year, 635 people were convicted of the offense, which carries a possible prison sentence of two to six years. Of those, 490 were sentenced to jail and 170 were also sentenced to prison. District attorneys have complained about the disparities, highlighting cases in which egregious drunken drivers were not sentenced to any time behind bars. His blood-alcohol level in that arrest was later determined to be 0.235, nearly three times Colorado’s limit of.08, authorities said. 

The new law also mandates that felony DUI offenders serve 48 to 120 hours of public service and that they cannot be released early from incarceration through sentence reductions. The new sentencing provisions apply to DUI cases filed Wednesday or beyond. 

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