Penalties for Driving Drunk Are Increasingly Severe

Everyday drivers are arrested for driving under the influence, or driving while intoxicated, as law enforcement agencies continue to crack down on these dangerous offenders. Due to the efforts of groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, hundreds of new DUI laws have been passed nationwide. Two-thirds of the states have now passed Administrative License Revocation laws, which allow the arresting officer to take the license of drivers who fail or refuse to take a breath test. A push is on for ignition interlock laws for all convicted drunk drivers, and legislation has passed in several states. The offender does not have to follow the guidelines outlined by the counselor, but it’s the only way he will ever regain his driving privileges. 

The counselor, based on his assessment of the drunk driver, can mandate attendance at as few as three or four AA meetings or, for repeat offenders, 90 meetings in 90 days, or a 28-day residential treatment program, detoxification, or other medical treatment. Many states also require additional insurance coverage before returning driving privileges to DUI offenders, and that can run into serious money. On top of all these penalties, drunk driving sentences can be enhanced to even greater levels under certain circumstances. The justice system is holding drunk drivers accountable for the damage they do those who are killed or injured on the highways because the other driver was drinking. In some areas, part of the DUI school curriculum puts offenders face to face with victims, who tell their painful stories of how a drunk driver changed their lives forever. 

The idea is that personalizing the pain that drinking and driving can cause might make the offender stop and think before getting behind the wheel. Simply stated, society is trying to emphasize that drinking and driving are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 

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Drunk Driving Fines & Penalties

It can be a pain to have to deal with any Idaho traffic tickets, but the real difficulty comes when and if you’re convicted of a DUI. It’s harshly punished, and can affect many aspects of your life. Here’s the skinny on Idaho DUI laws, and what you can do about a citation if it happens to you. If their speech appears slurred or the officer smells alcohol on the breath, they may ask the driver to perform a few simple motor skills tests, like walking in a straight line. Since Idaho has an implied consent law, all drivers must submit to drug or alcohol tests if ordered to do so by a law enforcement official. 

If drug tests are positive for any substance known to impair judgment – including all street drugs and many prescription medications – or if Blood Alcohol Content is at or over 0.08%, the driver will be charged with a DUI. If you’re under 21, the BAC need only be 0.02% to lead to a DUI charge, while a BAC of 0.20% or higher constitutes an aggravated DUI – which means an enhanced penalty. A DUI will certainly lead to an Idaho suspended license, even on the first offense. How long it will last depends on your driving record. A third DUI citation could land you in jail for as much as 5 years – and at least 1. 

Idaho traffic fines are never higher than they are for a DUI. It can be up to $1,000 for a first offense, and up to $5,000 for a third. An alcohol treatment course may also be called for, as well as the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car that prevents it from operating without the driver first passing a breathalyzer test. It’s important to engage a traffic attorney when involved in a DUI case. A good lawyer might be able to arrange that you plead to a lesser offense, like ‘wet reckless’, which is governed under the less punishable category of reckless driving. 

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Call Affordable Drunk Driving Defense Pros Near You For Best Local Help

Having an affordable, experienced, and one of the best San Diego DUI lawyer can make a difference on your case. Your chances of getting arrested or a DUI ticket while drinking and driving is very high because San Diego county and city is well known as one of the top places where the police department is active in arresting and charging people with drunk driving. It doesn’t matter the type DUI offense that you are charges because our San Diego DUI lawyer team can help you with it. The wide scope of penalties imposed on an offender in San Diego driving while under the influence of alcohol or drug is set in place by the state authorities and local municipalities to deal with the different types DUI offenders. A San Diego DUI attorney like can provide an aggressive and experienced representation during DMV DUI drivers license suspension hearing. 

The chances of a non-conviction on a charge increase with a proficient DUI law firm in San Diego that is experienced with drunk driving cases. You need to hire the right San Diego criminal drunk driving defense attorney who offer the best of legal services that is professional and respectable in the market. Contact The San Diego DUI Defense Pros at 363-6980 Now For 24/7 Free Consultation! It is possible to avoid a conviction when arrested on a DUI/DWI charge when one hires the right legal team to be at the frontline for them. We provide one of the best San Diego DUI lawyer strategies and services. 

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