Second Drinking and Driving Charge

Second-offense DUI charges may be handled in much the same way as a first DUI charge. Reach out to a talented DUI attorney today to schedule a free consultation. Even before the case resolves, the court system or the judges may require someone who is charged with a second-time DUI to attend mandatory alcohol classes or treatment while the case is ongoing, which is not the norm after a first-time offense. The courts may also make a requirement when a person is charged with a second DUI that they attend AA meetings once or twice a week and/or alcohol-related counseling and treatment while the case is pending. Second-offense DUI charges in Oakland could be misdemeanor charges, meaning they are primarily heard in the downtown courthouse, also known as the Wiley W. 

Manuel Courthouse. If the matter occurred in East County like Dublin, Pleasanton, or Livermore then the action may likely be heard in the East County Hall of Justice in Dublin near Santa Rita Jail.Handling of a Second-Time DUI Offense by Prosecution. The prosecutor may look at the blood alcohol level to determine if that may have contributed to the DUI stop. Prosecutors take multiple DUI charges seriously as there is evidence of a recurring offense. In Alameda County, the prosecutor typically seeks 10 days minimum in jail for a second DUI. 

An Oakland second-offense DUI lawyer may know the proper way to mitigate these charges so as to not further affect the defendant. An Oakland second-offense DUI lawyer could build a defense for a second-offense DUI charge in the same way they build a defense for the first-time charges. There are no diversion programs for DUI offenses, regardless of whether it is a first, second, or third offense unless the driver qualifies for a military diversion program under Penal Code 1000.80. If you are struggling with a second-time DUI charge, contacting an Oakland second-offense DUI lawyer could be beneficial for your case. 

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10% BAC. Client faced a massive 3 year suspension and 180 days county jail for being his third DUI offense. 06/14/16 – People vs. Edwin L. Case Facts: Client was arrested for a 3rd DUI while on probation and hired another very popular DUI defense firm. 06/02/16 – People vs. Evelyn C. 

Case Facts: Client was arrested for a 2nd offense dui with a suspended license. 03/18/16 – People vs. Richard F. Case Facts: Case out of Sacramento DUI, fourth offense DUI filed as a felony. Case Result: Zero jail on fourth offense felony DUI where he could have been sentenced to three years state prison. 12/11/2015 – People vs. Perry T. 

Case Facts: 4th Offense DUI while on probation for 2 prior DUIs, with a suspended license on probation for 5 prior suspended license charges. 11/20/15 – People vs. David V. Case Facts: 2nd DUI while on probation for prior DUI offense. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your recent DUI arrest, the DUI consequences and/or punishments can vary greatly. Such DUI evidence includes Patrol Videos which are a vital piece of evidence for a DUI defense because they often demonstrate your passing performance on the FSTs, the arresting officer’s failure to follow protocol as trained, as well as contradict the arrest officer’s contentions that you were visibly drunk and a hazard to California’s roads. 

Call 877-717-2889 to speak to a DUI attorney and learn more about which items of evidence are key to your DUI defense. Our mission is to provide YOU with professional, attentive, and aggressive DUI representation by promptly returning phone calls, making time to meet with each and every client, being available after hours, and setting aside time to assure that every possible avenue of defense for your DUI is explored. Call 877-717-2889 now and speak the experienced DUI attorney who will actually represent you in your DUI case. 

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DUI in Georgia: How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Plus, since you are NOT a drunk driving defense lawyer, you cannot judge how good or how bad your DUI GA case may be. You need an EXPERT DUI specialist to do that, and we offer payment plans to help you with your DUI lawyer cost. That is why you must take time to get your DUI case reviewed by a top Atlanta DUI lawyer. Your best chance for winning is to find a lawyer who is THE true expert DUI attorney who has a proven track record of knowing how to beat a DUI. DUI penalties and long-term consequences of a DUI conviction will haunt you for decades, if not the remainder of your life. 

It can be far more expensive to NOT fight a DUI case and try to deal with impediments and limitations on your future business and family plans, than the relatively minor DUI lawyer cost needed to hire the best DUI lawyer in Georgia. All three partners at our DUI law firm in Atlanta GA are legal book authors, with Mr. Head having over 12 DUI books to his credit. A criminal justice lawyer who, through experience in courtrooms, has acquired specialized and advanced training in forensic science, infrared spectroscopy, blood testing analytics, field sobriety test protocols, drug testing and toxicological effects, and alcohol absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination is a candidate to be your best DUI lawyer. Plus, all three of our DUI law firm’s partners are regular speakers at DUI seminars, talking about Georgia DUI law. 

A free DUI attorney is far better than no DUI lawyer at all. Now we turn to differences in attorneys’ legal practice areas and to a discussion of lawyer cost for a DUI.Call Our DUI Law Firm for a FREE Lawyer Consultation. Their passion, as DUI defense lawyers, is to know how to use the law to protect citizens from intrusions of the Government. For most clients, DUI defense attorney fees at our DUI law firm can be paid over time, since our criminal cases typically last for many months or even years. 

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