Criminal Defense Attorney & DUI Lawyer in San Diego

San Diego DUI/DWI Attorney Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a heavily legislated offense that covers a broad spectrum of activity. In addition to alcohol intoxication, a person can also be charged with a DUI of drugs or DUI marijuana. Without an experienced San Diego DUI attorney like Bradley R. Corbett on your side, you could face not only a conviction of your charge, but the maximum fines and penalties that go along with it. Bradley R. 

Corbett has personally handled hundreds of criminal cases, many of which include DUI charges. If you’ve been charged with a DUI of drugs, don’t wait to call Bradley R. Corbett, an experienced San Diego DUI attorney. DUI Marijuana in California Driving while under the influence of marijuana is also considered a crime in California, and the charges associated are just as serious as those for DUI of alcohol and a DUI of drugs. If you or a loved one is facing a California DUI marijuana charge, call the most experienced San Diego DUI marijuana lawyer, Bradley R. 

Corbett. DefensesFirst Time DUI To prove a person is guilty of a first time DUI the State of California must show the person was 1) Driving a motor vehicle and 2) The person was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or had a blood alcohol content of.08% or higher. A criminal defense attorney can usually get first time DUI charges reduced to a lesser offense such as wet reckless, dry reckless, or just dismiss the case depending on the facts of the case. Wet Reckless Plea Bargain DUI Cases A person being arrested for California DUI does not mean the person has been convicted for a DUI. Appealing a DUI may reduce a person’s charge, which comes with a reduced sentence. 

Second Time DUI A person’s punishment increases with each consecutive DUI or wet reckless charged within a 10-year period. Third Time DUI A person’s punishment increases with each consecutive DUI or wet reckless charged within a 10-year period. 

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Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Attorney

The Los Angeles DUI lawyers at Hoffman and Associates understand not only law, but the legal psychology of protecting each client’s rights to the fullest. Hoffman and Associates is a Los Angeles based DUI, Hit and Run, and criminal defense firm. We strongly fight to protect our clients’ legal rights and minimize and potential consequences. Our clients have consistently awarded our attorneys with five star google ratings, not only for our legal knowledge and expertise, but also for the warmth, compassion and excellent communication. Hiring the right DUI lawyer in Los Angeles is the most important decision a client will make when needing to solve a legal problem. 

Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers successfully resolve all of our client’s legal problems, whether it is a hit and run, DUI, theft, domestic violence or any other type of legal charges. Our Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyers have developed a unique and very effective pre filing strategy which eliminates over 90% of criminal charges being filed. DUI: Our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys have handled thousands of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/ Drugs cases in all of the Courts in Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County, as well as other Southern California courthouses. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys practicing in Los Angeles look for every opportunity to scrutinize any and all evidence being used in the prosecution of our client. Each day our experienced and highly skilled attorneys walk into courtrooms in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County and other Southern California Courts, prepared to fight to protect our client’s rights, freedom and good record. 

Defending thousands of clients in all Southern California Courts has earned our firm an excellent reputation in the legal community for its strong advocacy, yet compassionate and caring representation. Our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys understand that you have a busy life, and facing legal problems can be a very stressful and traumatic time. 

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Get Your DWI Dismissed

A perfect example of this is a Tarrant County DWI client who hired us on a Felony DWI after hiring another attorney. We’ve handled thousands of DWI’s as prosecutors and we’ve put our experience to work as some of the most effective DWI defense attorneys in the area. Misdemeanor DWIs can be enhanced with one prior DWI or with an allegation that the person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration was a.15 or greater at the time the blood was tested. While the punishment range for a DWI Second is very different from a first-time DWI, the burden of proof and elements other than the prior are the same as that of a DWI first. To understand what officers are looking for when investigating a DWI you have to understand how they were trained. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Manual is used to train officers all across the country in DWI detection. DWI detection is the whole process of identifying and gathering evidence to determine whether you should be arrested for a DWI. This process begins when the officer suspects you of DWI and ends when the decision for arrest or release is made. The first phase of a DWI investigation, Vehicle in Motion, begins when an officer’s attention is first drawn to your vehicle. Days as a Condition of Probation on a DWI. 

Article 42.12 Section 13 of the Code of Criminal Procedure sets forth the minimum days as a condition of probation for certain DWI offenses. Disqualifications from driving a commercial vehicle after getting a DWI in Texas are governed by Section 522.081 of the Transportation Code. The driver’s license suspension due to the DWI has to be lifted before the individual can apply for a CDL. The disqualification period to get a CDL after a DWI conviction is at least one year. If you currently hold a CDL and are convicted of a first DWI, in addition to the penalties you will receive under the DWI statute, you will also lose your CDL for a minimum of one year. 

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