DUI Lawyers Orange County

DUI Lawyers Orange County is also known as The Atias Law Group, P.C., a boutique firm exclusively handling DUI and criminal law cases in Orange County, CA and the surrounding areas. Naturally, our clients have many questions regarding the DUI laws in Orange County. The attorneys at the Atias Law Group, Oren Atias, Robert Stroj and JC Allen, are considered excellent DUI lawyers in Orange County, specifically because we maintain open and ongoing communication with our clients. A second hallmark of a great Orange County DUI Attorney and one The Atias Law Group takes very seriously is actually seeing your legal case through to the very end by helping our clients get their potential criminal convictions dismissed permanently through the process of expungement. PAYMENT PLANS: THE ATIAS LAW GROUP WANTS TO HELP YOU. 

ASK AN ASSOCIATE DUI LAWYER IN ORANGE COUNTY ABOUT OUR PAYMENT PLANS. A third hallmark is the financial stress of the criminal fees, court fees, restitution and of course legal fees. Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Orange County can be considerably expensive and that is precisely why our firm offers a tremendous value for our services. Mr. Atias as well as our Associate attorneys will examine the facts of your case, as well as your personal and legal history to help mount the strongest defense for your DUI case in Orange County. 

If the facts of your case necessitate, we will work with a team of experts, blood splitting specialists, crime labs, witnesses and consultants to determine the best argument for your DUI Defense in Orange County. DUI Lawyer Orange County – Ask for a Free ConsultationWe will begin with a free consultation where you will be able to speak directly with one of our attorneys. Experienced DUI Lawyers Orange CountyOur firm employs both former Prosecutors and Public Defenders, criminal defense and DUI attorneys. DUI Lawyers Orange County can potentially show that you were under the legal limit while actually driving the vehicle, but that by the time the breath test was given your level had risen above the legal limit. DUI Lawyers Orange County can help show that your BAC was not directly related to the amount of alcohol you drank or how impaired you were, rather it was related to the specific conditions of your body. 

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DUI Attorney in Dallas, GA

If you have been arrested for DUI in Dallas, Atlanta or West Georgia, you need an accomplished DUI Attorney on your side who will be able to review your case, analyze the circumstances surrounding your arrest, determine if field sobriety tests as well as blood & breath tests were administered properly, interview any eyewitnesses, do further investigations as needed, and advise you on the best course of action to pursue. You need to contact a Dallas, GA criminal defense lawyer from Howard Law Group today. Don’t make the mistake the of considering a DUI just another traffic offense. At times, law enforcement officials will give the impression that failing a field sobriety test or blowing a.08% blood alcohol concentration on a breathalyzer are all that is needed to convict. A knowledgeable and experienced DUI lawyer is well-versed in the entire DUI process and knows how to expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. 

Clinical evaluation for substance or alcohol abuse and mandatory treatment, if needed. Anyone who is convicted of a second, or multiple DUI, within a 10-year period, who has caused an accident with serious injuries or a fatality while under the influence, who had a minor in the vehicle during a DUI arrest, or who was driving on a suspended license, will be facing additional and much more severe penalties including the possibility of life imprisonment. FIELD SOBRIETY EVALUATIONS. When you are pulled over by law-enforcement officer on suspicion of DUI you may be put through a series of field sobriety tests. Oftentimes these tests are done improperly and are done with the bias intent on the part of the officer to make probable cause for his DUI arrest. 

There have been cases where clients represented by the Howard Law Group have been completely sober and have even taken the Intoxilyzer 5000 test which came out below the.08 grams percent and the officer decided to arrest based on manifestations of drinking. The lawyers at the firm are dedicated to providing clients with the hard-hitting representation they need when facing DUI charges. If you have been arrested for DUI in Dallas, Atlanta or West Georgia, you need to immediately contact a Dallas, Georgia DUI attorney from the firm and schedule your confidential consultation. 

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Tacoma DUI Lawyer & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Claire Kintanar Valdez is a respected Tacoma DUI Lawyer and criminal defense attorney with abundant experience in a wide variety of criminal cases from Theft to Driving Under the Influence. If you or a loved one has been arrested and needs an experienced Criminal Defense or DUI Attorney, please contact Claire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a free consultation. Having a blood alcohol content of.08 or 5ng of THC in your blood while driving a car can get you charged with a DWI. In such a case, you would definitely need a DUI or Criminal Defense attorney to help you out with the court proceedings and to guide you through this difficult time in your life. Whether it’s your first time getting arrested, or your second time, you definitely need help from Kintanar Law DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys in navigating through the complex legal system. 

Living in the United States of America, a single DUI offense is enough to cancel your driving license and ruin your whole life. In these circumstances, hiring a DUI attorney from Kintanar Law and being entirely transparent with her can help you avoiding some severe punishments. Trust your DUI attorney to find legal issues or technicalities in the case which might lead to lesser time in the jail or potentially lower charges. If you want someone to go through your case critically and employ all the means and resources to fill the voids which will prove your innocence or weaken the Prosecutor’s case in the court, a DUI attorney from Kintanar Law will turn out to be your only savior. Even in cases where you think that’s it, you’re toast, or you’re prepared to face the consequences of a DUI arrest, the DUI attorney will be of great help in assisting you mitigate your consequences and explaining what the punishments are of a DUI arrest or conviction. 

What’s worse is you may not fully understand what the punishments that comes along with a DUI arrest are. With a DUI attorney, like the ones at Kintanar Law, you can trust that they will be aggressively fighting to reduce or mitigate the punishments you’re facing. If you would like to learn more about how a Tacoma DUI Lawyer, especially in Pierce County or surrounding cities, can help with your case, please call Claire today, 24 hours a day at 298-7133. 

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