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DUI in California

These new laws now consist of stricter penalties and, in some cases, a DUI can now be considered more extreme than a felony offense. After being pulled over for driving recklessly or being stopped at a DUI checkpoint an officer may begin asking you questions through an interrogation process. The officer may request a breath test to be taken along with the potential for several field sobriety tests, though law does not require these tests. If escorted to the police station, a breath or blood test will likely be administered. If not compliant in taking these tests, your license may be automatically suspended or you may be faced with increased jail time. The driver may be criminally charged with either driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or driving with a blood-alcohol content of.08% or higher. Penalties for a DUI can be more severe than a felony offense. Laws dealing with driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and drugs, can be very complex. Be sure to hire a DUI defense attorney that is both experienced in handling criminal offenses and DMV license suspensions. It is highly recommended to be represented by a qualified DUI Defense attorney.

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Wex Legal Dictionary / Encyclopedia

DWI and DUI are driving violations with two separate parts; one part is administrative and the other is criminal. The administrative component of a DWI or DUI falls under the domain of the Department of Motor Vehicles. It begins when a law enforcement officer asks a driver to give breath, blood, or urine for chemical testing. Although drivers are allowed to refuse chemical testing, refusal results in an automatic suspension of driving licensure in most states. Drivers who refuse chemical testing lose their driving licenses because Motor Vehicle Departments stipulate implied consent as a condition of licensure. By acquiring a license, drivers voluntarily agree, or implicitly consent, to chemical testing whenever a law enforcement officer suspects them of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Failure to comply with DMV mandated policies and procedures risks forfeiting the driving privileges granted by DMV licensure. Most states’ laws prohibit drivers who refused testing to apply for or be granted a conditional, restricted, hardship or other temporary license. Without a license, a driver is not entitled to drive until the suspension or revocation period expires.

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Jefferson County Colorado DUI Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, contact our Jefferson County DUI Attorneys as soon as possible. Our defense team consists of a former Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney as well as Law Week Colorado’s 2012 Best DUI Lawyer. Our DUI defense team has helped more than a thousand clients in the state of Colorado fight drunk driving charges. If you were charged with DUI in Jefferson County, we can help. The best first step to take after being charged with DUI is to call a reputable DUI defense law firm as soon as possible. Not being proactive with the help of a Jefferson County DUI defense attorney could ultimately hurt your case. If you were charged with DUI in Colorado, you will face charges in Colorado even if you are a resident of another state. If you ultimately end up losing your driver’s license as a result of a Jefferson County DUI, the license revocation will carry over to almost all states. A skilled DUI defense attorney knows the specific procedures that must be followed in terms of handling the situation with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Every person charged with a Jefferson County DUI had unique conditions at the time of their arrest.

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DUI & Drug Lawyer Cleveland County OK

Tim Kuykendall has over 30 years of experience either prosecuting or defending persons charged with criminal offenses. He is currently a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and has been in private practice defending clients for the past seven years. Prior to that, he served in the District 21 District Attorney’s Office for 24 years, the last 12 as the elected District Attorney. Tim Kuykendall has both the trial skills and negotiation abilities that make him ideal to help you with your specific case. Being arrested, incarcerated, and then charged with a crime can have an everlasting effect, beyond the immediate issues of punishment, including your ability to drive, find a job, or even your ability to pursue a chosen career. Whether you are charged with a DUI or a more serious offense, you need an attorney who will try to help you avoid these unforeseen consequences. You can depend upon Norman criminal defense attorney Tim Kuykendall and his staff to look after your interests, keep you updated and help you find resolution to your case. Kuykendall Law Office offers discounts for enrolled college students and active military personnel.

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