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Our attorneys focus their practices to develop a depth of knowledge necessary in today’s complicated legal environment. If you’re an individual facing a critical legal issue, a family in crisis, or a business that needs professional service, contact us now to see how we can help. Our attorneys and support staff meet regularly as teams to discuss cases, brainstorm ideas and devise legal strategies. All new cases are presented by your attorney to the team and reviewed as your case hits critical stages. The combined knowledge, experience and advice of our team members is an invaluable asset for our clients and provides – The Winning Edge. Harris Law Firm offers a free 15 minute evaluation to see if one of our attorneys can meet your legal needs. This evaluation includes you providing a brief outline of your legal matter, whether it’s the type of case we could accept, a discussion of our legal philosophy and how we would approach your case. It is not an acceptance of your case and does not include an in-depth consultation or offering legal advice regarding your particular case. For that, you must schedule a legal consultation for which there is a charge. A legal evaluation DOES NOT create an attorney client relationship.

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When you’ve been arrested for a DWI/DUI in Minnesota – in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities metro area, or elsewhere – and you don’t think it’s fair, you need an experienced DWI/DWI attorney. I will protect your rights under the DUI/DWI law in Minnesota, make sure you are treated fairly, and leverage my experience with Minnesota DUI/DWI laws to get real results. The process of being arrested for a DWI/DUI in Minnesota, being taken to jail, being fingerprinted and photographed was probably very dehumanizing. To be honest, being faced with a DWI/DUI in Minnesota can have very serious outcomes. The DUI/DWI law in Minnesota and the resulting penalties can be harsh if you’re found guilty of violating them. You could be impacted when applying for a future job because of your DWI/DUI in Minnesota. I’m an experienced DWI/DWI attorney here in Minnesota. You can plead guilty, but in many cases the best choice is to fight your DWI/DUI in Minnesota – and this is the kind of case I focus on. My belief is that you have to take a stand against the DUI/DWI law in Minnesota! You can only keep your license and your freedom if you fight your Minnesota DWI/DUI. So call me now at 612-334-3342 for your free initial consultation.

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Long Island DUI Defense Lawyers

Providing Strong Defense of New York DUI/DWI. At 888-DUI-LAWYER, our DUI defense attorneys are dedicated to helping people on Long Island arrested for DUI or DWI find the best result possible given their circumstances. People make mistakes, but when it comes to criminal law and DUI, it feels like a simple mistake can ruin your life. Being arrested for DUI is scary and stressful because of fear of the unknown. When you hire a defense attorney from our firm, you will immediately begin to take control of your DUI case and your future. The negative effects of a DUI arrest are many, and the consequences of a conviction are even greater. We are here to help you put your life together after a DUI arrest, and winning your case is an important part of that process. We provide strong, effective representation, putting forward every legal argument and defense to secure a dismissal, acquittal or other favorable disposition. The attorneys at 888-DUI-LAWYER are well-versed in the many DUI defenses that may be available in your case. Let our skilled, experienced courtroom litigators stand up for your rights and fight to give you the best defense. Call 888-DUI-LAWYER today and speak with an experienced attorney today.

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Felony Laws, DUI, Bankruptcy

This site provides a vast amount of up to date resources on all the various state laws pertaining to divorce, bankruptcy, misdemeanor, felony, or DUI charges. The truth of the matter is that once you’ve been arrested and charged with any offense, it’s serious business. Every state has different classifications for crimes committed within their borders. You could be arrested for a misdemeanor in Texas but charged as a felon for the same crime in Illinois. DUIMany people who get stopped for a DUI admit it was a stupid mistake. A DUI arrest is now a part of your permanent record which means any potential employer or loan officer can run a background check and prevent you from getting that new job or obtaining a mortgage. There are some people who might think that bankruptcy and divorce go hand in hand. The truth of the matter is that just like criminal offenses, bankruptcy and divorce laws vary from state to state. People faced with the challenges of bankruptcy or divorce are dealing with some very complicated legal issues as well as potentially painful emotional concerns. With all the resources on this site at your disposal there is no excuse for becoming fully informed about any legal matter you might be facing.

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