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After being arrested for drunk driving, you are most likely in shock about how quickly your life has been turned upside-down. This is a scary and dangerous time, but you will be okay if you take care of yourself and get the expert professional help you deserve. There are only a handful of expert DUI attorneys in the Portland area, attorneys who truly specialize in defending driving while under the influence of intoxicants cases. Frequently asked for advice in court about how to handle DUI related issues by other lawyers. Be advised: all Oregon courts treat driving while under the influence of intoxicants cases as very serious matters. There are many politically active organizations, such as MADD, which strongly lobby against any judge who is not strict in punishing DUI drivers. Once you hire an expert DUI defense attorney by following the above steps, most of your job is finished. Tell him or her everything that you think may be important to your case – the good and the bad – it is easier for a lawyer to know what facts to expect, even if they are bad facts. This may be your first DUI, but an experienced DUI defense lawyer will have worked through hundreds and hundreds of DUI cases. Let your attorney help you by following his or her guidance.

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Colorado DUI Lawyer

In 2010 Colorado’s DUI law changed to include mandatory jail for most repeat offenses. Some of these factors are: the particular fact pattern in your case whether there are prior DUI arrests, your alcohol level within two hours of driving, the county in which the incident occurred and how you defend or don’t defend yourself against the charges. Jail is mandatory for DUI in Colorado if you have prior alcohol related offenses. The vast majority of jail sentences are served in the county where the DUI occurred out-of-state defendants can sometimes serve any jail time in their home state. Required alcohol education and treatment for a DUI or DWAI ranges from 12 hours to 110 hours. Colorado Felony DUI. Following the national trend, a fourth or subsequent DUI conviction in Colorado will be punished as a felony. The Colorado felony dui law went into effect on August 5, 2015 for drunk driving offenses that occur after that date. Felony DUI carries with it all of the civil disabilities of any other felony. The proof required to convict you of Felony DUI is the same as any other drunk driving offense with one major difference. Jail penalties, probation and fines are the same whether alcohol or drugs or both are involved in a DUI offense.

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Charleston DUI Lawyer

Charleston DUI. Best Augusta County DWI Lawyer: Many Lawyers do not understand the roadside gymnastic tests that the Officers order you to perform. Best Augusta County DWI Lawyer: Many Lawyers do not understand the evidential breath tester. Best Augusta County DWI Lawyer: Many Lawyers do not understand the blood test. Best Augusta County DWI Lawyer: Many Lawyers do not share the best way to deal with a potential DWI or DUI investigation. There are ways on how to do research to find a Charleston SC DUI lawyer. One should start by searching and researching DUI lawyers. A simple search will give you names of lawyers around the Charleston, SC area and their contact information. A Charleston SC DUI lawyer who has a successful past also has high chances of winning you the case, or in the least, getting better results. To set up an initial consultation with our Charleston, SC criminal defense lawyer, call us at 843.720.3741. Thurmond Kirchner Timbes and Yelverton, P.A. Law Firm, located at 15 Mid-Atlantic Wharf, Charleston SC. The information presented on this video should not be construed to be formal legal advice from a law firm nor the formation of a lawyer / client relationship.

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DUI Attorney in Los Angeles

The truth is, having an expert DUI attorney fighting a DUI case in a court of law always makes more sense than simply accepting false blame and pleading guilty. Our team of experienced California DUI attorneys has handled DUI cases ranging from simple misdemeanor drunk driving and felony cases, to vehicular manslaughter and cases of those with multiple DUI offenses. Regardless of the type and severity of your case, we do all we can to deconstruct the case and uncover the problems and issues that can contribute to a successful DUI defense. It’s rare that a California DUI case is hopeless. In some cases, police officers don’t conduct roadside investigations properly. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help you capitalize on these issues and win your case. It’s important to remember that a DUI charge does not mean a conviction is unavoidable. Many drivers facing a DUI charge may feel as if it is an automatic conviction, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to fight and win a drunk driving case both in court and at the DMV hearing. The procedures involved in a DUI case are complex and the cost of losing is high, so let our experienced DUI defense attorneys help you every step of the way.

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