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You need an attorney with extensive experience and a history of success. You need a lawyer from the legal team of Parks & Braxton, PA. Nationally Recognized DUI Defense Firm. At Parks & Braxton, PA, we’ve been providing defense representation for over 45 years combined. Each of our attorneys has spent more than a decade fighting DUI charges in Brevard County and all other counties throughout the entire state of Florida. We have successfully defended thousands of DUI cases and have regularly prevented our clients from facing the harsh consequences of a DUI conviction. Our excellent results and evident skills have not gone unnoticed, either. Over the years, our attorneys have regularly been requested to lecture at DUI seminars all over Florida and we’ve been featured on The Today Show and channels such as NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News. Brevard DUI. Michael Braxton and Andrew Parks have each tried more than 150 DUI jury trials during their years in practice. Our legal team is skilled in defending DUI charges from numerous angles, including unlawful police stops, faulty breathalyzer machines, police misconduct, and much more. Contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Brevard DUI lawyers.

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Aggravated DUI Laws, Penalties and Criminal Defense Information

Important: The implied consent / pretrial license suspension proceeding and the criminal DUI case are completely separate from one another. Talk to your Kentucky DUI attorney for possible suspension lengths for your situation. Speak to your Kentucky DUI lawyer about whether you qualify and how to apply for a hardship drivers license. Few people have this type of DUI history, so felony DUI’s are rare in Kentucky. Upon conviction of an Kentucky DUI offense, a defendant can receive a variety of penalties including alcohol screening / treatment / education of varying lengths. A DUI conviction will go on your Kentucky driving record and will stay on your record for at least five years. If you are a Kentucky licensed driver and you are convicted of a OWI / DWI / DUI charge in another state, Kentucky will suspend your license if it learns of the conviction. The Federal Aviation Administration has special reporting requirements for certain Motor Vehicle Actions including Kentucky DUI convictions and certain implied consent suspensions. You have a constitutional right to represent yourself on any criminal charge no matter how serious including a Kentucky DUI offense. Keep in mind that Kentucky DUI defense is complex as shown by the information in this website.

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Criminal Defense Attorney

A hearing will be requested, and a hold of suspension will be placed on your drivers license. A hearing must be requested within ten days of your arrest…. The Big Difference between hiring a big firm to handle your case and hiring my office is that I will personally handle every aspect of your case, I will stay in constant communication with you, and my clients can rest assured that they will receive personalized attention because now I have the ability to limit the number of cases I take on. During my time working for a big defense firm I covered all areas of criminal litigation including felonies and misdemeanors as a lead trial attorney. I achieved incredible results in complex cases, where the defendants were facing career threatening circumstances through negotiations or prevailing in trial. Since the majority of the cases I handled were DUI cases, I was trained and certified in standardized field sobriety testing, various breathalyzer devices, and police procedure in DUI investigations. My expertise and track record gave me the opportunity to lecture other attorneys in DUI defense seminars. My experience in DUI cases also gave me the ability to build close relationships with numerous court prosecutors and judges.

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Alcohol and DUI Laws

There are many rules and regulations that concern alcohol across the United States. Whether it involves when and where alcohol may be sold or who may consume it, it is vital to understand the law where you live. This site is intended to inform the public of alcohol laws in their state. Some states may allow minors to drink on private property, while other states allow a minor to consume alcohol for religious purposes. Another rule that every state seems to enforce is a legal limit against Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08% or higher. Even lower blood alcohol content may be prosecuted for DUI in some states if the state believes it can prove that the driver was less safe due to alcohol impairment. Others impose time limits which govern the hours and occasions when alcohol may be sold. There are also laws about the minimum age for those who may legally serve alcohol. There are 37 states that allow people 18 years old and older to serve alcohol in on-premise establishments. If you have been cited for a violation of alcohol laws, it is in your best interest to submit the details of your case online – today – to connect with an attorney who is thoroughly experienced with providing qualified defenses to violation of alcohol laws where you live.

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