Criminal Attorney Robert Whitacre Hattiesburg MS DUI Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Whitacre will listen closely to the facts of your case and ask the right questions so he can put himself in your shoes. He will then obtain all police reports and other evidence that the government will use against you. After evaluating all the circumstances of the arrest, he will give you an honest assessment of your case and work to develop the best defense strategy. There may be legal challenges to the officer’s probable cause for a traffic stop in a DUI case, or mistakes in the collection of evidence that may lead to filing of a motion to suppress or motion to exclude evidence. Getting arrested and dealing with the court system is terrifying and intimidating, but making promises about unrealistic outcomes and creating false hopes does not help anyone. Attorney Whitacre will tell you if resolving your case through plea bargaining is a better course than taking the case to trial. He is skilled and experienced in Mississippi criminal procedure and practices criminal defense law in numerous courts in south Mississippi including Justice Court, Municipal Court, County Court, Circuit Court, and federal court. Listing of practice areas does not indicate certification or specialization. Free background information is available upon request.

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When pulled over for a traffic stop, one of the things a police officer will tell you is that you need to submit to field sobriety tests and some form of chemical testing, either a breathalyzer or a blood draw. As a result of you driving a vehicle on Idaho roads with an Idaho driver’s license, you have given your implied consent to submit to the testing requested by the police officer. You can respectfully and politely decline to do the testing. If you do decline, odds are they will require a forced blood draw, which has been held as valid by the Idaho Supreme Court. If you refuse to complete the testing the officer may cite you for a refusal, which could result in a one year suspension of your driver’s license. Another thing, you do not have the right to an attorney prior to taking the evidentiary tests. If you believe that you are under the influence, you can refuse the field sobriety tests and the breathalyzer, but if you do, you probably will be forced to give a blood sample. You will also be cited for a refusal which may result in a one-year suspension of your Idaho driver’s license. To develop a personalized DUI Defense Strategy contact Mark Petersen, a Pocatello Idaho DUI Lawyer with Snake River Law PLLC by email or by calling 208.406.9885.

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DUI lawyer – DUI Blues

The day after my arrest, I contacted a friend of mine in LA who I knew had a DUI. I wanted to know if she used a lawyer. She said that she had, but she didn’t think the lawyer was any good. She had spent some time in the District Attorney’s office prosecuting DUIs when she first got out of law school and she encouraged me to get a lawyer. On Monday, one firm had called me back and I made an appointment for the next day. He said that I would probably start receiving solicitations from lawyers who buy lists of DUI arrestees from police departments. He made no promises, but said that likely the best course would be to try to argue for lighter penalties based on my clean record before the DUI. I decided that he seemed trustworthy enough, so I hired him. My lawyer has made three court/DMV appearances for me, and we’ve met in-person five times, most of which were brief meetings. It’s been worth it to me to have a lawyer, though. Perhaps I could have argued for that myself, but maybe I would’ve said something wrong or sneezed or done who knows what, so I think it’s better that I left the task to my lawyer. When I’m done with my probation, which ends 1/20/18 if I don’t have any violations, my lawyer will petition for the DUI to be expunged from my record.

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Washington DUI Laws

For the last few years Washington State residents have been dealing with tougher DUI laws. The latest laws require that an ignition interlock device be installed on offenders’ vehicles, and may also require 24/7 alcohol use monitoring. The individuals who will be most likely to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle are those who are repeat Seattle DUI offenders, those whose blood alcohol content is higher than.15, those that have car wrecks while intoxicated, or anyone who refuses a blood or breath test. Washington State’s legal limit is.08. The reason these laws were passed was to try and deter individuals from driving while under the influence. The more stringent laws will hopefully make people think twice before they drink and drive. There are many other laws associated with drinking and driving in Washington State. Those individuals who are multiple offenders will find the laws are more stringent with each and every conviction. Loss of license and the like can be given as punishment to those who have multiple DUI offenses in Seattle and the State of Washington. Hopefully, the stronger the laws are against drinking and driving, fewer people making the bad decisions to drive drunk and more lives will be saved as a result.

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