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The Colorado attorneys at the The McDowell Law Firm represent personal injury and accident victims as well as criminal defense and Drunk Driving cases in Colorado Springs. When looking for a lawyer, Colorado Springs residents have relied on the knowledge and expertise of our attorneys. McDowell Law Firm LLC is made up of experienced criminal defense and DUI defense attorneys who are adept at preparing and presenting the best criminal defenses possible. Call our Colorado Springs Law Offices at 422-5858 to speak to a lawyer immediately and discuss the proceedings in your case. Whether your damages are physical, mental, or financial, you deserve some body willing to fight for your rights on your side, a Colorado attorney who will fight to get you the compensation you’re entitled to. Our goal as your attorney will be to ensure that your rights are protected and you are compensated for damages you have suffered. We use Colorado’s personal injury laws to your benefit to seek compensation. At McDowell Law Firm, we are committed to our clients and the Southern Colorado community including Aurora and Littleton. As dedicated Colorado attorneys, we offer free no-obligation consultations in all cases. A Colorado attorney from our firm will meet you within 24 hours to discuss your case.

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Criminal Defense Attorney, DUI, Carrollton, Douglasville, Georgia

Jason Swindle serves on the foundation’s executive board in the position of President and Chairman. During the preliminary hearing, Jason Swindle said that the shooting was not murder. Jason Swindle is serving on Casey Cagle’s for Governor advisory team and leadership committee for Carroll county. Swindle is the senior partner at Swindle Law Group, P.C. He is an adjunct professor for the Criminology Department at the University of West Georgia and represents the Coweta Judicial Circuit on the Board of Governors at the State Bar of Georgia. Swindle earned a bachelor’s degree in Business from Georgia Southern University and a law degree from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University. Carrollton-based attorney Jason Swindle is defending driver facing charges in connection to the bus crash in south Fulton County. The opportunity to serve the people of west Georgia makes the practice of law a passion rather than a job. Swindle Law Group is deeply honored and grateful for the trust that our community has placed in us to protect the Constitutional rights of our people. Swindle Law Group has been chosen to join the BOD of the Carroll County Mental Health Advocates. Jason & Dane – interviews with the media regarding criminal law issues.

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Grand Rapids DUI Defense Lawyer

Drunk driving in Michigan is referred to as operating while intoxicated. State and federal laws regarding drunk driving are constantly changing. If you face OWI charges in Michigan, it is imperative to work with a lawyer who focuses on OWI defense and remains current with OWI laws. The Constitutional Law Center, founded by Joel S. Whetstone has successfully represented more clients in Western Michigan than any other law firm in cases involving driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Attorney Joel S. Whetstone has represented more than 3,000 individuals over the past 30 years. You can’t work if you can’t drive to and from or during your job schedule. Operating while intoxicatedOperating while visibly impairedDriving under the influence of alcohol or drugsOperating under the influence of liquorOperating under the influence of drugsUnlawful blood alcohol levelSuper DrunkReckless driving. Driving while license suspendedDriver’s license restorations. What We Do. Our legal strategy always includes checking all police procedures to see if law enforcement officials acted properly. During our 30 years of defending drunk driving cases, we have made it a priority to know all Western Michigan judges, prosecutors, city attorneys and court staff.

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An average DUI lawyer cost estimate will involve these same considerations. Many DUI lawyers will take a DUI case on a flat fee basis, meaning they will give you a flat rate for representation throughout the entire case. While more experienced lawyers are usually more expensive, you definitely do not want to compromise on quality when you hire a DUI lawyer. If you work with a lawyer that is inexperienced with DUI cases, you will end up paying a lot of money but you will be less likely to get a favorable result. All things considered, an average DUI lawyer cost is probably going to set you back about $2500-5,000 for a first time DUI offense. The amount of your DUI fines will depend on what state you are in, whether it is your first DUI offense or not, and the specific details of your case. Clearly, the state wants to discourage you from becoming a repeat DUI offender, so the fines increase drastically for a second or third DUI offense. In addition to fines, many DUI offenders face mandatory drug, alcohol, or DUI prevention classes. One of the best things about hiring a DUI lawyer is that you will have someone by your side that has gone through many DUI cases before. That’s why it is usually worth talking to a DUI lawyer after you get a DUI in order to evaluate your case.

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