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The Arizona laws break the severity of a DUI into several categories based on the degree to which the driver is intoxicated and how many times the driver has been convicted. A Phoenix, AZ DUI defense lawyer can help you make sense of your situation. Drivers may face Arizona DUI charges if they are caught driving with a Blood Alcohol Content of.08 or more. Studies reveal that a.05 BAC level leaves a driver impaired and thus,.08 is the standard BAC level that results in an Arizona DUI offense conviction in the event that a driver is caught driving while intoxicated. Driving with a BAC of.08 + within 2 hours of driving. Driving with a BAC of.04 + if you hold a commercial drivers license and are operating a commercial vehicle. In fatal crashes in 2011 the highest percentage of drivers with a BAC level of.08 or higher was for drivers ages 21 to 24. A DUI in general is considered to be a misdemeanor unless a person is convicted of a 3rd DUI within 60 months of their first 2 DUI convictions. If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Arizona DUI lawyer immediately. An Arizona DUI defense lawyer can ensure that your rights are upheld and fight for your innocence.

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The good news is, that in many cases, if you’ve already hired an attorney, he or she will handle this for you. During this time your lawyer should be hard at work thoroughly investigating and preparing your case for court. Making sure that all of the relevant documents and facts are gathered and reviewed at an early stage can make a big difference in the outcome of a case. Once the investigation materials and tasks are complete, your lawyer will be analyzing them to decide the best possible defense strategy for your particular case. Every case is different and there are many ways to successfully defend a DUI case. In our office, that strategy, along with the investigation and mitigation strategy is documented in a case summary and provided to the client, along with all the supporting materials and any instructions. Besides the legal and factual aspects of your case, the things you do after an arrest can have a big impact on how the case plays out. MADD Victim Impact Panel – Attendance at one of these classes at an early stage can set your case apart from the many others that the court deals with everyday. DUI School – If you are convicted of DUI, this class is mandatory. A folder full of letters singing your praises and asking for leniency look good to those deciding your case.

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If you have a DUI, Drunk Driving, DWI, or Driving Under the Influence charge in the Tampa Bay area arising out of St. Petersurg. Our office routinely deals with the DHSMV in making application for driving permits and Florida hardship driver’s licenses. After your 10-day DUI driving permit citation expires; While your DUI case is pending in court; and. When searching for a good DUI lawyer in Pinellas County to protect your best interests and driving privilege, you should carefully consider the attorney’s training, skill, and qualifications. We are former state prosecutors who handle DUI cases only arising out of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and other areas of Pinellas County. Let us evaluate the facts of your DUI charge, formulate defenses, and discuss getting your DUI reduced to reckless driving. Watch our video – Learn how an experienced DUI defense attorney can make a difference. Dealing with a DUI charge can be a stressful and challenging experience. We invite you to explore the helpful information on this website personally written by the St. Petersburg DUI lawyers at Russo Pelletier & Sullivan. Your decision on who is the best DUI attorney in Pinellas County, Florida should be based on a review of their training, experience, and qualifications.

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Chris Charles is an experienced DUI attorney in Denver, Colorado. Make sure you are represented by a Denver DUI attorney with experience and a proven record like Chris Charles. Time is limited With certain DUI charges, the time to protect your rights is limited and you it is imperative for you to act immediately or else you may lose certain legal rights or privileges. As a successful DUI attorney, Chris knows how to challenge Colorado DUI charges on the basis of a lack of probable cause, profiling, flawed testing procedures, defective testing equipment, and many other issues. You need the help of an experienced DUI attorney on your side. Chris Charles is a DUI attorney who will protect your constitutional rights. For repeated offenses, the charges become increasingly severe, so you do not want to face the judge without a DUI attorney. Chris specializes in reducing jail time, avoiding license revocation, and reduction of license points in DUI and DWAI cases in the Metro Denver area. Your first DUI consultation is FREE. When you need the help of an experienced DUI attorney, and you figure out a time that is convenient for you, call Chris Charles: 303-859-0824. A Guide to Denver DUI Laws explains the consequences of DUI and the importance of finding the right attorney.

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