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Attorney Parker is well versed in the field of DUI and she will clearly explain the legal process to you. Attorney Kellee Parker is dedicated to the field of DUI representation. Retaining a skilled drunk driving attorney can help mitigate the harsh penalties which are associated with a DUI arrest. It is essential you contact a highly qualified DUI lawyer today. Your DUI defense attorney should be prepared to fight fiercely to protect your rights! One of the most important steps to protect your rights, is to hire the proper DUI defense lawyer to represent you. A DUI lawyer knows the nuances of the Court system and is prepared to represent you both in Court and at the DMV hearing. Following most DUI arrests, the arresting officer will confiscate the physical California driver’s license and issue an Administrative Per Se Suspension/Revocation Order & Temporary Driver License. Having an experienced DUI lawyer who understands California law and the details and requirements of the APS hearing will give you peace of mind and a much better chance at keeping your license. A DUI which resulted in great bodily injury, having been convicted of a previous felony DUI, or being charged with a fourth DUI offense, will result in the matter being filed as a felony which could carry a punishment of several years in State prison.

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People all over the world will be celebrating the end of 2016 and the beginning of a brand new year. While you are out celebrating, police departments will be out in force making sure that everyone is safe and sober. Sticking to your predetermined plan is the best solution. The simplest solution is follow my advice and request your lawyer. You would be wrong since most people cannot pass the three tests used to determine intoxication – Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk and Turn and the One Leg Stand EVEN WITH NOTHING TO DRINK! I have tested everyone in my family, from my 19 year old son to my 70 plus year old mother – they all failed! Anyone can be made to fail and the developer of the tests has recently stated that they were never meant to be used to DETERMINE intoxication. The bottom line is that if you get pulled over on New Year’s EVE and asked to perform these tests, you are not going home anyway, so DO NOT give the police evidence that can be used against you. Because you will be videotaped, you will be audio recorded and every single little misstep or bobble on your feet will be attributed to intoxication, not the fact that you have knee, hip, back or other problems that limit your ability to pass a physical test. Be safe and have a very Happy New Year – I will be celebrating in the comfort of my home!

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Metro Atlanta DUI Lawyers!If you have been arrested for a DUI, call us immediately to find our your rights! Get a FREE Consultation and discuss your options. Our expert attorneys have been providing affordable and dependable criminal defense in Atlanta since 1989. If you are looking for a strong defense to help in a DUI or other Criminal Defense cases give us a call we can help! The Burnett Firm is experienced and knows what to do to get you the best possible outcome. We provide professional legal defense at an affordable price. In our criminal practice, we focus on DUI / Drunk Driving defense in North Georgia. The Burnett Firm strives to treat our clients as we want to be treated ourselves. As our experienced team of DUI / Drunk Driving defense lawyers investigates the factual background of your case, we keep you apprised of your options and candidly discuss with you the potential for success among the possible courses of action available to you. We understand what a DUI / Drunk Driving conviction can mean to your life. We will guide you through every aspect of your DUI / Drunk Driving charges, fighting all the way for the best possible result for your case. You must request a special hearing within 10 Days of the date of an arrest for DUI in Fulton County or you will automatically lose your driver’s license.

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ID ALS Hearings, Laws, Offenses, Penalties, and Information

ISSUE TWO: The Idaho Criminal Case: Separate from the implied consent suspension is the criminal charge for DUI. Idaho Code 18-8004. 20% Idaho Code 18-8005.(misdemeanor) up to six months jail; up to $1000 in fines; 90 – 180 days Idaho license suspension. Idaho Code 18-8004C (misdemeanor) 10 – 365 days jail; up to $2000 in fines; one year Idaho license suspension after release from confinement. Idaho Code 18-8004C (felony) 30 days jail to five years prison; up to $5000 in fines; one to five year Idaho license suspension starting after release. Aggravated Idaho DUI DUI while causing great bodily. Idaho Code 18-8006.(felony) 30 days jail to 15 years prison; up to a $5000 fine; one to five year Idaho license suspension starting after release. If you are a Idaho licensed driver and you are convicted of a DUI / DWI / OUI charge in another state, Idaho will likely suspend your license if it learns of the conviction. The most serious scenario is when you receive a new Idaho DUI offense when you’re already on probation for a previous DUI offense. You have a constitutional right to represent yourself on any Idaho criminal charge no matter how serious including an Idaho DUI charge. Keep in mind that Idaho DUI defense is a complex area of the law as shown by the information in this website.

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