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An OWI is operating while intoxicated or operating while under the influence pursuant to Iowa Code Sec. The Iowa OWI statute requires neither driving nor a car nor a highway. An OWI defendant should contact an Iowa licensed attorney and, preferably, one who practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense. Remember- the revocation of the privilege to operate a motor vehicle in Iowa because of a test refusal or failure is not part of the criminal case. DAC-LAW PLC is licensed to practice law only in Iowa. Law enforcement officers in Iowa are trained to seize Iowa DOT issued driver’s licenses. On the date of your arrest or test failure/refusal, the officer read to you an Iowa DOT notice that indicated that your privilege to operate a motor vehicle in Iowa has been revoked. The Iowa DOT will take steps to notify the issuing state, if a motorist’s license was issued by a state other than Iowa. Iowa hopes the issuing state will acknowledge and reciprocate any revocation Iowa requests, and this information will promptly be added to a national driving record database with which Iowa DOT participates. Most assuredly if Officer Friendly arrested you for OWI in Iowa, they will assert that your standardized field sobriety tests, or, SFST, performance contributed to his or her reasonable grounds to believe that you were intoxicated.

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OUI Penalties, Suspension and Pretrial Alcohol Education Program Information

Important: The implied consent suspension proceeding and the criminal DUI case are completely separate from one another. Talk to your Connecticut DUI attorney for possible suspension lengths for your situation. Any Connecticut CDL holder who receives a DUI faces a likely one year suspension. Lifetime Breath test refusal one year lifetime Note 1: If the DUI is committed in a commercial motor vehicle while hauling hazardous materials the suspension is three years. Upon conviction of an Connecticut DUI offense, a defendant can receive a variety of penalties including alcohol treatment / education. Persons facing a first DUI within the past 10 years may qualify for the Pretrial Alcohol Education System. As noted in the table above, the Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program is sometimes an option for first time offenders or those who have no prior DUI’s in the past 10 years. Individuals facing a first time DUI offense may qualify and elect to enter the Pretrial Alcohol Education System / Program. Contact your Connecticut DUI lawyer to see if you may be eligible for the Pretrial Alcohol Education System and if the program is right for you. If you are a Connecticut licensed driver and you are convicted of a DUI / DWI / OVI / OUI / OWI charge in another state, Connecticut will suspend your license if it learns of the conviction.

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Denver DUI Attorney Advice on How to Protect Your Rights During a DUI Traffic Stop

If you are arrested for DUI, the first thing you should do is talk to a qualified Denver DUI attorney about your options. If avoiding a DUI entirely is your goal, here are five simple things you can do. Your right to remain silent absolutely applies when you are pulled over on suspicion for DUI. Do not tell the police officer that you have been drinking, even if it is true, and remember you do not have to answer any questions. The Standardized Field Sobriety Test are designed to be very difficult to pass, even for those who are completely sober. As any Denver DUI attorney is likely to tell you, the whole goal of these tests is to incriminate you regardless, and it is best to politely refuse to take them. Obviously, the best way to avoid a DUI arrest is to not drink and drive in the first place. Remember that you can still be pulled over for DUI even if you have not been drinking but have been taking drugs or even some prescription medications. There have even been many cases when people have been arrested for DUI for drinking and having control of a vehicle that was not moving. If after all you can do you are still arrested for DUI, make sure to hire an experienced Denver DUI attorney about your options. There are things that a qualified lawyer can do for you that you would never even have thought of before.

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Atlanta Criminal & DUI Attorney

Matthew T. McNally is who you want in your corner if you are facing any type of criminal or DUI charge. Before starting his own law firm, McNally served as an Assistant District Attorney in both in the Coweta judicial circuit and then in Cobb County. The insight of a former Assistant District Attorney. If you’re looking for an attorney who can get results, just look at Matthew McNally’s track record. CHARGES DROPPED in DUI & Drugs Case – Client was involved in an accident and charged on two counts of DUI after his blood test showed both drugs and alcohol. The criminal process can be confusing, especially for someone who has never before encountered the criminal justice system firsthand. Don’t speak to anyone until you’ve spoken with a trusted criminal defense attorney. A 2014 report from the Southern Center for Human Rights revealed that the public defender office in Georgia’s Cordele Judicial Circuit was staffed with three attorneys and managed an annual caseload of 1,700 – 567 cases for each attorney. Federal criminal cases typically begin with a formal investigation, whereas smaller state cases, such as DUIs, begin with an arrest based on probable cause. Law Office of Matthew T. McNally has 15 years of experience and the insight of a former Assistant District Attorney to put toward your defense.

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