New Jersey DWI Lawyer Evan Levow

If you’ve been arrested for a New Jersey DWI it’s important that you hire an experienced attorney who understands DWI law and will aggressively fight for your rights. The lawyers of Levow DWI Law are a group of three DWI trial attorneys dedicated to DWI / DUI defense. We know the nuances of the practice and the case law, the judges and the prosecutors, and most importantly we know how to deal with all of the circumstances that arise with a DWI arrest in New Jersey. All three of the New Jersey DWI lawyers at Levow DWI Law are trained and qualified in field sobriety testing by the same agency that trains the police, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Our New Jersey DWI lawyers have advanced training in Blood and Urine Testing, as well as the DRE – Drug Recognition Evaluation course. Evan Levow represented the lead defendant in State v. Chun, the most important DWI case in New Jersey history. Chun set the standard for DWI defense and prosecution in New Jersey and has also affected national protocol. Evan Levow is well known throughout New Jersey and the country for his innovative and aggressive DWI defense approach. An experienced DWI defense lawyer at Levow DWI Law can explain how a court trial rather than a jury trial may affect the outcome of your DWI case. The DWI attorneys at Levow DWI Law stand ready to help.

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OH DUI Offense, Laws, Penalties, ALS, and OVUAC Information

OVI / DUI: In Ohio, it is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of alcohol; or of a drug of abuse; or of a combination of alcohol and a drug of abuse, to operate any vehicle. If you are convicted of an Ohio DUI / OVI offense, your CDL will be suspended for one year. In Ohio, a DUI / OVI is usually a misdemeanor crime. Upon conviction of an Ohio DUI / OVI offense, a defendant can receive a variety of penalties including alcohol screening / treatment / education. An OVI / DUI conviction will go on your Ohio driving record and stay on your record essentially forever. If your Ohio insurance company finds out about your OVI / DUI one of two things are likely to happen. Once you’ve served your OVI / DUI suspension, you must pay a reinstatement fee and show proof of insurance to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The FAA has special reporting requirements for certain Motor Vehicle Actions including Ohio DUI / OVI convictions and certain administrative license suspensions. The most serious scenario is when you receive a new Ohio OVI offense when you’re already on probation for a previous DUI / OVI. When this happens, its in your best interest to speak to an Ohio lawyer as soon as possible. You have a constitutional right to represent yourself on any criminal charge no matter how serious including an Ohio OVI / DUI charge.

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CT Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Overview of DUI Laws in Connecticut

No one ever expects to be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Connecticut, you need to act quickly to preserve your driver’s license. According to Connecticut law, you have 7 days to request a hearing after you’ve received a notice of license suspension from the DMV. Please contact me right away to discuss the options you have to preserve your driver’s license, and prepare to defend your Connecticut DUI charge in court. Take advantage of a free case evaluation from an experienced Connecticut DUI attorney. Yes, there are many possible defenses in a DUI case. You see, there are many areas to explore in fighting a DUI charge. Call or contact me for advice on how I will fight and may be able to beat your Connecticut DUI charge. In Connecticut, a DUI is an abbreviation for the legal term is Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. The other way to be found guilty of DUI/Drunk Driving in Connecticut is if they can find sufficient evidence to prove that you were impaired by alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle, aka drunk while driving. Evidence of impairment relies primarily on the police officer’s testimony as a witness stating that you appeared impaired by your actions in driving on the road, or immediately afterward during field sobriety tests or other observations.

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

You can find the quality legal representation you need at the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman. Our California DUI Defense Lawyer offers experienced, compassionate, and dedicated representation on behalf of adults and juveniles. We defend clients against state and federal criminal charges ranging from DUI and serious traffic crimes to capital murder charges in Los Angeles, California and through out the rest of Southern California. Contact us online or call 213-514-8324 today to discuss your charges, including DUI, Drug charges, White collar crimes, Violent crime, Sex crimes, Theft offenses, Juvenile offenses, traffic violations, federal crimes and other criminal charges. We became criminal defense attorneys because we care about people and we want to help people who are facing critical life challenges. We practice exclusively in criminal defense to provide our clients with the knowledgeable advice and skilled representation they deserve. Let our criminal defense lawyers in California put our experience to work for you. We believe every defendant has the right to a zealous defense. We offer free initial consultations and will usually quote a flat fee that will cover all the services necessary for your case, including trial. To schedule a free consultation with one of our California criminal defense lawyers, call 213-514-8324.

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