Patrick J. Silva Attorney at Law

Leader Amongst DUI Lawyers! I teach other DUI lawyers on how to defend DUI cases. RESULT: His out of state priors were stricken from the record, so instead of facing a 3rd time DUI in California, he is now only facing a 1st time DUI. Only a dui lawyer knowing the dui facts about drunk driving defenses could get a result like this. The results of a hard working dui lawyer working up the dui facts and dispelling the drunk driving myths. Only a good dui lawyer working the dui facts can beat the bogus drunk driving myths. ANOTHER RECENT SUCCESS STORY!! Hass E. was charged with a 2nd time DUI while he was still on probation for his first DUI. The DA alleged that he had a.28 blood BAC, an accident at over 100 mph, and charged him with a VOP. Before trial the DA wanted Mr. E to do 120 days of county jail, 90 days of a SCRAM braclet, and a $2000 fine. All the results of a hard working dui lawyer who knew the dui facts and the drunk driving myths. As a DUI lawyer work day-in and day-out in the local DUI courtrooms within the Inland Empire. It is important that your dui attorney knows who to talk to and the best approach to handling your dui case. As an dui attorney who knows the dui facts, I am trained to to execute the test perfectly. When I received mu DUI I reached out to another lawyer I knew and he referred me to Patrick Silva based on his experience and reputation in the legal community.

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North Carolina DUI laws

The Tar Heel state may still be a tobacco friendly state;but, if you drink and drive in North Carolina, your vices just may land you in a whole lot of legal trouble. With such a keen interest in the highway safety of its citizens, it is no surprise that North Carolina uses strict DUI laws to punish anyone caught drinking and driving. A person arrested for DUI will be subject to prosecution on two theories of criminal liability. Under the per se rules, evidence of blood alcohol content, or BAC, is usually the most important piece of evidence. As in most other states, North Carolina uses.08% blood alcohol as the legal limit for adult drivers. Although in some case the time of testing or the manner of testing may affect the results, the BAC tests are often dispositive under the per se analysis. The second theory comes into play when the accused’s BAC tests are inconclusive because of some flaw in the testing method or when the BAC tests show a blood alcohol level below the legal limit. Things like driving pattern, speech pattern, overall appearance, and performance on field sobriety tests may be used as evidence. The two possible theories of criminal liability are tough standards in North Carolina, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the state’s overall approach to DUI legislation. Anyone who has been convicted of a DUI in North Carolina faces some of the toughest monitoring and second offense laws in the country.

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Folsom, CA DUI Defense Law Firm

Terry L. Gilbeau is a Rocklin and Roseville area DUI attorney, specializing in drunk driving and drug possession offenses. Before starting his career as a DUI lawyer, Terry Gilbeau worked as an investigator for over twenty years and he was a frequent lecturer at various police academies. With this experience, Mr. Gilbeau is able to analyze a criminal case, from the perspective of a defense attorney and the investigative strategies of law-enforcement, and aggressively defend his clients in a court of law. Roseville DUI lawyer- Terry L. Gilbeau has defended hundreds of clients facing DUI charges in the Roseville area. The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau will help you understand your rights and legal options during all criminal proceedings, DUI investigations, and DMV administrative hearings. Rocklin DUI defense lawyer- The Law Offices of Terry L. Gilbeau is ready to provide you with the legal representation you need following your DUI or drug offense arrest. Contact Terry Gilbeau of for a free consultation. We provide personal counsel and expert legal representation for all DUI offenses in the Rocklin area. Placer County DUI attorney- Whether you were arrested in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Auburn, or other areas of Placer County, or Sacramento County or El Dorado County, we can help. Call 626-5539 today and ask to speak with the Rocklin DUI defense attorney.

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Nevada DUI

Just last year, there were 2,394 DUI cases with injuries reported, prompting a need for DUI attorneys. As the justice system is resilient, you should keep up by finding an attorney who will handle your DUI case fast. Before you run down your burning questions, you should find a DUI attorney to contact first. Do a thorough research on the background and achievements of the DUI attorneys before making a list of the most qualified ones. Not all attorneys can handle a DUI case so make sure you ask about their specialization, the law school, the training they took, the duration of their experience, if DUI is their prime practice area, and how many DUI cases they take a year. A DUI attorney who knows the inner workings and gets along with prosecutors can help minimize the magnitude of your case. When face-to-face with a DUI attorney, make sure you have all necessary documents regarding the DUI case to ensure that the attorney can properly assess and answer your questions about your chances. At times, the DUI attorneys will not be working with you all the time. Don’t hesitate to ask about fees as it’s a big deciding factor for both you and the DUI attorney. To make sure you acquire the best DUI lawyer for your case, take your time and let your natural acumen do wonders! One reliable attorney who you can get outstanding help from is Attorney Ross Goodman, a DUI attorney based in Las Vegas! Contact him now and face the case with better confidence!

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