Pierce County Drunk Driving

We will do everything within our legal power to prevent you from jail time, having your driver’s license suspended and being slapped with the steep fines that WA State DUI laws can impose. While there no full guarantees regarding the outcome of your criminal charge, our Pierce County DUI law firm promises that everything will be done within our legal means to achieve the successful outcome you’re after. The aggressive defense strategies we employ to keep our clients legally driving and get their DUI charge reduced and dismissed. Whether it’s your first DWI/DUI charge or if there are multiple charges that you’re facing, our Tacoma drunk driving attorneys are here to deliver the guidance, expertise and the support you require to challenge your DUI criminal charge. The Pierce County DUI lawyers from our law offices are experienced criminal defense attorneys in Washington State law. While it may be that most charges for driving under the influence of intoxicants in Pierce County are determined to be gross misdemeanors, any knowledgeable Tacoma drunk driving attorney will inform you that Washington State DUI laws are considered a complicated area of WA State criminal law. While it’s true that Washington State’s DUI laws are tough, we will use our knowledge of them to protect your rights. Our Tacoma DUI attorneys realize you have questions and may be feeling that your Pierce County drunk driving case is not defensible. Fight your Pierce County DUI – call for your FREE case consultation! Don’t let your Pierce County DUI take a toll on your family life, finances or your career.

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Strictest And Most Lenient States On DUI

Since all driving fatalities have decreased, the real question is if the percentage of fatalities that are alcohol related has decreased. First, we recommended imposing administrative sanctions for drivers with BACs ranging from 0.05 to 0.08 g/dL. Many countries around the world have a 0.05 g/dL legal limit, and the National Transportation Safety Board has even recommended all states reduce their legal limit to 0.05 g/dL. Second, require ignition interlocks for all alcohol-impaired offenders. Interestingly, out of designated drivers who consumed alcohol, females were significantly less likely to be impaired at a BAC of.05 g/dL or greater as compared to males. The bottom line is that many well-intentioned individuals do not realize that they are over the legal limit to drive. The effects of marijuana undoubtedly impair driving. Individuals high from marijuana will often overestimate their level impairment and compensate by engaging in protective driving behaviors. Drivers under the influence of marijuana will have slower reaction times. While drivers under the influence of marijuana will experience detriments to driving performance, it may not manifest as a greater crash risk because of these compensation techniques. Further research is desperately needed to understand the impacts of marijuana on driving performance and crash risk. We are conducting the first naturalistic driving study of marijuana impairment, and it will provide desperately needed answers on the traffic safety effects of marijuana.

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DUI Law Handbook

In othercases, a law enforcement officer has the discretion to order such tests if heor she reasonably suspects that alcohol was involved. Some states require drivers to submitto breath or blood tests to determine if they are under the influence ofalcohol or drugs as a condition of receiving a drivers license in the state. Arefusal to submit to such a test can be treated as an admission of guilt insome states or as grounds to automatically suspend a drivers license. FieldSobriety TestsIf a person is suspected of drinking and driving, alaw enforcement officer may conduct a field sobriety test. These tests allow a law enforcementofficer to observe a suspects balance, attention, physical ability and otherfactors that are meant to gauge whether he or she was driving under theinfluence. During the test, the law enforcement officer assesses the suspects ability tofollow a moving object, exaggerated eye jerking when the eye is at the maximumdeviation and jerking that occurs within 45 degrees of center. Breath,Blood or Urine Test DefensesIn some cases, a defendant may perform poorly on aBreathalyzer test, blood test or urine test that shows that his or her bloodalcohol level was above the legal limit. A DUI defense lawyer mayraise a number of defenses to these types of tests. Many states requireofficers to give the defendant specific warnings before participating incertain tests or being asked to consent to a chemical test. A criminal defense lawyer can also investigate whether policefollowed the proper procedures before ordering such tests and in administeringsuch tests.

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Alabama DUI Defense Attorney

A big difference exists between an attorney that will handle a DUI charge for a client and a DUI attorney. An Alabama DUI Laws attorney is one that focuses his practice on DUI Defense and has taken the time to seek out specialized and advanced training on the very complex area of DUI Defense. Alabama-DUI-Laws.com attorneys are members of the prestigious National College for DUI Defense and we travel all over the country for DUI seminars on advanced topics. Our attorneys are Also, one of very few Alabama DUI Attorneys that are Certified per NHTSA Guidelines to Administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. As someone who has never been arrested for DUI or as a multiple offender, there are many things about fighting a DUI charge that you may not know. When facing such a serious charge, you want an Alabama DUI Laws attorney with extensive experience practicing law in this area who can dedicate their time to your best interests. By hiring a firm that focuses its practice primarily on the defense of those arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are hiring a firm that has repeated exposure to the Prosecutors, District Attorneys and Judges that will be involved in your case. You are also hiring a firm that knows the intricacies of the complicated DUI laws in Alabama and the penalties associated with a DUI conviction. These are things a general practice attorney that handles a couple of DUIs per year might be unaware. Call us TODAY 348-2889 and let our years of experience with hundreds of Alabama DUI and traffic cases go to work for you.

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