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It is certainly not a comprehensive review of all California DUI case law, or cases that might have an issue important to your particular case in CA or elsewhere. In DUI cases, questioning takes place at the DUI traffic stop; it is not uncommon for the police to continue asking questions in the police car or back at the police station during breath testing. The PD;s office in California are for the most part so under budget, and over whelmed with cases, that they cannot give much attention to any single case, or handle DMV hearings from a DUI. California DUI case law: California v. Trombetta. In DUI cases, where judges have commonly permitted prosecutors to introduce police reports in lieu of the testimony of the police themselves, this can be asserted and is an important right. Holding: A blood test in a DUI case is invasive enough of the body to be a search requiring a search warrant, in cases where there is not consent to take blood. Forcefully taking blood from a suspect who has refused to submit to blood or breath testing is a common situation in DUI refusal cases. In this case, the defendant was arrested for DUI and refused both breathalyzer and blood tests. Holding: DUI Checkpoints are legal in California, but require certain specific guidelines for the DUI checkpoint to be upheld as constitutional. The Ingersoll case set up the following guidelines for any DUI checkpoint to be considered legal, and must be followed by police, or the DUI checkpoint is illegal and can be excluded. Don’t delay contacting us with questions about California DUI case law.

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Criminal Defense Strategies in Fairfax

Our website provides access to our experienced Virginia DUI lawyers and helps you make informed decisions in handling the initial phases of your arrest and selecting the right attorney for your defense. A skilled Virginia DUI lawyer can construct a legal defense in order to help you fight to get your charges reduced or even dropped. Your DUI charge does not have to follow you forever – an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer can work to help you as much as possible. Our attorneys have experience in handling criminal charges in Fairfax, and DUIs are no exception to this. If you have been charged, contact one of our Fairfax DUI lawyers today. If you are arrested for drunk driving, be helpful and cooperative, but do not forget to maintain your right to remain silent until you have spoken to a qualified Virginia DUI lawyer who can begin crafting your defense. A dedicated Virginia DUI lawyer can provide the support, resources, and knowledge necessary for your defense. A weathered Virginia DUI lawyer will look critically at each one of these events to make sure that you were treated within your rights, and that no mistakes were made by the arresting officer that could damage the Commonwealth’s case. Third-Offense DUI. If you are charged with a third DUI offense within 10 years, it is prosecuted as a felony and carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 90 days. When you are facing a criminal charge with penalties this steep, it is important that you find representation from a Virginia DUI lawyer who can fight to protect your rights and pursue a positive result in your case.

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Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney

The Herbst Firm focuses not only on results but also on personal attention and compassion. If you want the services of a complete lawyer for your criminal or personal injury case contact the Herbst Firm for a free consultation at any time, 24 hours a day. The Herbst Firm will not settle your case unless you are completely satisfied, and our firm will never shy away from fighting your case at trial. The criminal defense division of the Herbst Firm handle cases in all Maryland jurisdictions including Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Howard County and the entire Eastern Shore. Benjamin Herbst is also an experienced juvenile crimes attorney, having dealt with numerous cases involving teenage defendants. The Herbst Firm’s personal injury attorneys also understand that being injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or other injury as a result of someone else’s negligence can be a traumatizing experience. We will fight relentlessly to try to restore our clients back to their lifestyle before the injury accident by not simply pushing your case to a quick settlement, but rather vigorously fighting the negligent party and the insurance companies for a just resolution. Once again do not wait to retain a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in an accident. The personal injury division of the Herbst Firm specializes in negotiating fair settlements and filing lawsuits throughout Maryland. Types of injury cases that our personal injury division handles include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and defective products.

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Drunk Driving Defense

George L. Bianchi is a Bellevue lawyer who travels throughout Washington state to work on DUI and drug-related cases. Many of his cases are referred to him from other attorneys because of his reputation for thoroughness and willingness to handle the tough cases. Continuing to look to the future, his knowledge of the laws surrounding marijuana use and legalization has led him to now also provide invaluable legal guidance on cannabis compliance issues to the marijuana industry here in Washington. The Bianchi Law Firm also offers extensive experience in other criminal defense matters and personal injury. From the time of arrest until the end of trial, The Bianchi Law Firm puts our extensive legal and investigative experience to work in your defense. Following his father’s example, George L. Bianchi joined the firm in 1985, after also having served as a King County Prosecutor. Over the decades, our firm has gained a regional reputation for its innovative defense of DUI, drug-related crimes and criminal defense. In it, he addresses the scientific studies on when, and at what level, marijuana impairs driving capabilities, as well as how marijuana is absorbed. We cannot change the facts of your case, but George L. Bianchi can find and work off of the case’s weaknesses even when it is a third drunk driving charge, a deadly weapons charge or a serious personal injury claim. The Bianchi Law Firm also believes that it is best to present our clients in the best possible light, highlighting their positive aspects as people before and after being charged.

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