DUI Defence Lawyer Toronto

What you need to know about Drinking and Driving Law in Canada. The law surrounding drinking and driving offences is extremely technical, complex and ever-changing. These offences are taken extremely seriously by the Crown and the penalties are severe, even for someone who has never had a prior offence. What this means is that most people, even a lawyer not practicing solely in the area of drinking and driving, will most likely assume that there is no way to beat this type of charge. Because the law is so complex, even if someone provides breath samples over the legal limit, refuses to give a sample, or is found to be driving while impaired, they still may be able avoid a conviction and a criminal record. Each case is unique and the best way to gain perspective on possible defences for your case is to schedule a FREE consultation with Michael Engel. These are American terms commonly used to describe drinking and driving offences. In Canada, there are three different drinking and driving charges you can face: IMPAIRED DRIVING, OVER 80, and/or REFUSE. It is important to understand the difference between the three, as they are each alleging something different, require something different to be proven by the Crown, and are defended in different ways. If you are convicted of or plead guilty to ANY of these charges, you will automatically get a criminal record, lose your license, be fined a minimum of $1,000, and be prohibited from driving for a period of time. There may also be further consequences, including jail, depending on the circumstances of your case and your criminal and driving record.

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Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer Ken Hamilton handles all aspects of DUI cases including trials and DMV hearings DUI defense is a specialty that is multi-faceted and complex. Few attorneys possess the knowledge and legal acumen required to achieve a successful outcome based on logic, insight, careful analysis, and legal expertise. Exclusive DUI Defense provides the highest level of representation and gets the best dispositions. Santa Barbara justice Judge Michael Carrozzo declared on the record during a recent trial that our firm achieves the best dispositions, or final result in court, compared to any other attorney in Santa Barbara. In your mind, and you’ve got a lot of experience as a prosecutor before taking the benchJC: And a defense attorney too. Drinking and Driving Is Not a Crime in Santa Barbara In fact, adults may drink and drive legally in all fifty states, so long as they don’t drive impaired or with a blood alcohol level above 0.08%. Unfortunately, many people are arrested for DUI when all they really did was drive after drinking. We are a law firm dedicated to defending citizens of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties by shattering the myths that for so long have led to the conviction of innocent drivers. Whether you’re shopping for a lawyer, doing research on MADD’s threat to your civil liberties or researching defenses to a DUI, we invite you to pull up a chair. If you drink alcohol in Santa Barbara, you may wish to learn how to avoid an arrest or learn how to assert your rights if you are stopped. You may want to know what to expect from the DUI process in Santa Barbara.

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DUI Laws by State

Driving license suspension or driving revocation traditionally follows conviction for alcohol-impaired driving. Your driving licenses can also be taken before conviction, under a procedure called administrative driving license suspension, when a driver fails or refuses to take a chemical test. Administrative driver license suspension is allowed in 41 states and the District of Columbia. Driving privileges in many states can be restored during a suspension, but drivers usually must demonstrate special hardship, and the restored privileges often come with limitations. Interlock devices analyze a driver’s breath and disable the ignition if the driver has been drinking. More than half of all U.S. states require DUI and DWI offenders to install interlocks on their vehicles in order to drive during a license suspension and/or require the devices for specified time periods before fully re-licensing offenders. In 16 states and 4 California counties, such a restriction is applied to all drunk driving offenders, including first-time offenders. An additional 15 states apply the restriction to drunk driving offenders with a high BAC and to repeat offenders, and 6 states apply the restriction only to repeat offenders. At any given time one or more states may be reviewing or revising their drunk driving laws, and the legal limits they set for BAC while driving a motor vehicle. If you need this drunk driving laws information for legal purposes, please confirm the information shown above for your state with your state’s own department of transportation or with a state or local police agency.

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The National College for DUI Defense

The National College for DUI Defense®, Inc. is a professional, non-profit corporation dedicated to the improvement of the criminal defense bar, and to the dissemination of information to the public about DUI Defense Law as a specialty area of law practice. It consists of a governing Board of Regents, a Founding Membership, a Sustaining Membership and a General Membership. College members represent the most experienced DUI defense attorneys in the country. The original Founding Members funded the establishment of the college, and are among the top DUI practitioners in the United States. Since its founding, the College continues to recognize, as Sustaining Members, defense lawyers who have demonstrated the skill and experience of the original Founding Members, as well as the generosity to financially sustain the growth of the NCDD. General Members are the backbone of the college-capable, experienced attorneys who dedicate a portion of their practice to the defense of DUI cases throughout the country. When the National College for DUI Defense® was founded, the Board of Regents envisioned a Board Certification program as the culmination of its program of education. In 1999, the Board instituted Board Certification as a means of recognizing lawyers within the college who exemplify the program’s standards, and who meet the criteria established by the Board of Regents: extensive experience trying DUI cases and litigating pre-trial issues, a broad knowledge of the science involved in testing for intoxicants, and a command of the legal process on which DUI cases are framed.

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