Drunk Driving Attorney

Omaha DUI Attorney For over 17 years, Nebraska attorney Thomas M. Petersen of Petersen Law Offices has been defending individuals charged with driving under the influence, or DUI. As a result of his dedication to defending his clients, Attorney Petersen was recently selected as one of the top 50 DUI attorneys in Nebraska. If you have been charged with an Omaha, Cass County, or Sarpy County drunk driving offense, contact the Nebraska DUI team today by calling 402-513-2180 or by filling out our online contact form for a free evaluation of your case. Nebraska Driving Under the Influence Offenses We have free consultations with many people charged with drunk driving. Not everyone needs an attorney and we will tell you at the end of our first consultation what benefits you can expect by hiring one. As you read through our site, we hope you get a sense of how your case will be handled, why we practice DUI defense and that you notice a friendly approach sometimes missing in many law practices today. You need an attorney who understands what is at stake and who will fight for you. Attorney Thomas M. Petersen is that attorney. By exercising your right to counsel and retaining the services of attorney Thomas M. Petersen you can rest easier knowing that all of your other rights will be protected throughout your case. Not all attorneys focus their practice on defending individuals accused of driving under the influence offenses. For a free initial consultation for your Omaha or Sarpy County, Nebraska DUI case contact the team today by calling 402-513-2180 or fill out our online contact form.

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New Jersey DUI Lawyer

New Jersey DUI Laws You’ll get a New Jersey DUI, also known as a DWI, if you’re stopped while driving a motor vehicle of any kind, including a boat, and you have a blood alcohol concentration of.08% or greater. If the officer believes you are intoxicated or impaired, you’ll be taken to a police station to provide a breath sample, which will allow the officer to see your BAC. If you are charged with DUI, you need to contact a New Jersey DUI lawyer immediately. Consequences of a DUI in New Jersey Being charged with a DUI can greatly affect your ability to drive, your wages and even your home. You need a good New Jersey DUI attorney to help you avoid these consequences. Good New Jersey DUI attorneys know the strategies to challenge the arrest, including chekcing the calibration and findings of the Alcotest machine and the procedures the officer performed even before you were pulled over and asked to take a field sobriety test. You need a good New Jersey DUI lawyer on your side to make sure that you’re not being pushed through the justice system based on faulty and questionable BAC results or officer judgment. New Jersey DUI Penalties Getting a DUI in New Jersey , aside from the potential long-term consequences and the immediate loss of the ability to drive, is expensive and can be potentially bank-breaking. 10%, you’ve met the minimum level for a DUI arrest and conviction in New Jersey. You can’t afford not to find a top New Jersey DUI attorney when you’re facing these kinds of consequences. A New Jersey DUI attorney will work on your behalf to get minimize or avoid the damage caused by a DUI arrest.

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California DUI

California’s DUI laws and regulations are dictated by both the State of California and the California DMV. The state’s justice system deals with the criminal charges related to the DUI that can include misdemeanour charges or felony charges and the possibility of probation or jail time. The DMV deals with the fines and drivers license suspensions/revocations caused by a DUI. In order to help you better understand DUI related issues, DMV.com covers the relevant topics for both the criminal and DMV related charges. DEALING WITH CALIFORNIA DUI CHARGE. When drivers are arrested for a DUI in California, they are charged with two different counts. The latter charge is the one that triggers the California Department of Motor Vehicles DUI case, where the California DMV will attempt to suspend the motorist’s driving privileges. Contacting and then hiring one the state’s qualified California DUI lawyers is also a very important step. In order to effectively defend both your criminal and DMV case you should have the services of an attorney who specializes in DUI charges. As stated above, filling out the following form will trigger a free service that will connect you with a qualified local lawyer contact you regarding your DUI charges. This article provides a resource to find qualified California DUI lawyers plus tips and pitfalls to look out for when looking for a DUI attorney. The California DUI Defense process involves multiple hearings with the CA DMV as well as in criminal court. California DMV DUI hearings, criminal DUI defense, the role of DUI lawyers in the defense covered here.

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