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The DUI offence of excess blood alcohol or over 80 is usually proven by breath tests that determine blood alcohol concentration using and approved instrument such as a Breathalyzer 900 900A or Intoxilyzer 5000C. Blood tests are used in DUI cases where breath tests are not practical to provide evidence of blood alcohol concentration. The Crown in Ontario, Canada can prosecute a DUI in either of two ways. The Crown may prosecute a DUI offence by indictment or they may prosecute a DUI offence by summary conviction. The local Ontario Crown Attorney must elect whether to proceed with the D.U.I. by indictment or by summary conviction. Most Canadian DUI offences are prosecuted by summary conviction. The usual penalty for a first DUI offence in Ontario, Canada is a fine. The minimum second DUI offence penalty is 30 days in jail. There is always a DUI driving prohibition and the local province will suspend a DUI offender’s driver’s licence. If a US citizen or other non-Canadian citizen is convicted of a DUI offence in the USA or a dui offence in any country other than Canada, the DUI offender will be inadmissible to Canada on grounds of criminality, unless rehabilitated, because the DUI offence is deemed to be a Canadian DUI offence and all Canadian DUI offences are deemed indictable unless the Crown has elected to proceed with the DUI offence by summary conviction (which will never have happened because the DUI offense occurred outside Canada. The situation will be different if the DUI offence occurs in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada and the Crown elects to proceed by summary conviction which they normally do.

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DUI Attorneys & Criminal Defense Lawyers

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DUI 101: Guide to History of DUI Laws

Government authorities haven’t always had the same view of DUI. For more on the history of DUI, read on! The first DUI law was created shortly after the automobile was introduced: however, it was not until decades later that guidelines were introduced to clearly define the level of intoxication that the law would deem illegal. The 1970s saw the first attempts at the state and federal level to institute stricter legal limits to curb the spread of DUI across the United States. As a result of pressure from the public, among other things, the legal limit for BAC was lowered to 0.10 percent, and then tightened once again to the current per se BAC level, 0.08%. History of DUI Special Cases and Policies. Further specifications were added to the general per se limit and impaired driving laws. Commercial drivers have a standard legal limit of half the typical limit, 0.04 percent. Drivers under the legal age of 21 for consumption and purchase of alcohol are typically governed by a zero-tolerance law that either imposes penalties for any amount of alcohol in the system or a BAC of 0.02 percent, depending on the state. Though penalties have evolved over time, as you can see, modern DUI penalties are serious business. If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with DUI, don’t hesitate to speak to a DUI lawyer through Total DUI by calling our toll-free hotline at 1 349-1311 or fill out a free, online DUI case review form. Simply enter some details about your DUI arrest or case in our secure online form and we’ll connect you directly by telephone to a DUI lawyer in your local area.

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