Criminal & DUI Defense Lawyers

Based in Harleysville, Fiore & Barber, LLC provides Criminal Defense representation to clients in Norristown and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley area. As a practice focusing in DUI Defense, we have experience representing not only first-time offenders, but also those with multiple prior drunk driving convictions. For all clients, we offer hands-on, comprehensive representation, understanding how to fight charges from every angle. At Fiore & Barber, LLC, our DUI Defense Lawyers are committed to serving our clients with the same quality of legal counsel, responsive communication, and high level of professionalism that we would look for if we needed legal help. Our partners maintain personal contact with our clients from the time we are retained until the resolution of the case, ensuring that we fully understand and address our clients’ concerns. Focused attention coupled with over 28 years of combined experience enables us to resolve even the most challenging criminal matters favorably for our clients, defeating charges or obtaining minimal penalties in many cases. If you or someone you love has been charged with driving under the influence or another crime, we understand that you likely have many questions during this difficult time. Do not hesitate to contact Fiore & Barber, LLC for a free, informative, and completely confidential consultation with one of our DUI Defense Lawyers. In order to best serve our clients, we offer flexible hours, including evening and weekend meetings. With offices in Harleysville and Center Valley, PA, Fiore & Barber, LLC serves clients in Montgomery County and Bucks County in southeastern Pennsylvania, including the Municipality of Norristown and the Borough of Doylestown.

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2nd DUI Attorney in California

06/21/17 – People vs. M.C. Case Facts: 2nd DUI in Orange County while on probation for a prior dui in less than a year. 11/20/2015 – People vs. David V. Case Facts: 2nd DUI while on probation for prior DUI.17 BAC. Case Results: Despite being on probation, DUI was dismissed and case resolved for Zero Jail and a reduction to a Wet Reckless. Case Facts: 2nd DUI while on probation for prior which was less than 12 months prior to the 2nd DUI arrest. BAC was.18%. Client had a very high security clearance and was told he would be fired if he plead to another DUI. District Attorney wanted 45 days on the DUI and an additional 30 on the probation violation. Case Facts: 2nd DUI with.20% bac out of Orange County with a probation violation that occurred for a DUI less than a year old out of the same court. Case Facts: Client was arrested via checkpoint for a 2nd DUI with a.09%. Not only was she looking at jail, her employer would have fired her if convicted of a second DUI because her job required her to drive. Attorney Simmons was able to obtain a no jail time sentence for this 2nd DUI offense, proving yet again, Attorney Julia Simmons is the leading authority on multiple offense DUIs in the State of California. This is a glowing example of how the right 2nd offense DUI attorney can get you results. Case Facts: Client was arrested for his second DUI while on probation while driving with a suspended license due to a prior DUI case. If you have a second DUI, third DUI, or Fourth DUI, the worse possible thing you could do is hire a cheap law firm referral service who won’t so much as give you the attorney’s name.

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California DUI Attorneys

There are two different statues that govern how an individual can be charged with DUI in the state of California. If the officer feels that you are impaired due to either alcohol or drugs to the point that your driving is not safe, you can be arrested for DUI. The other way to be charged with DUI in California is based on your blood alcohol content, or BAC. If your BAC is.08% or higher, you can be arrested for DUI, even if you pass all of the field sobriety tests and are driving as any sober person would. Being arrested for DUI in California automatically sentences you to two separate cases. According to California DUI laws, you only have 10 days after your arrest to request the DMV hearing. For this reason, it is imperative that you connect with a qualified California DUI attorney to file the necessary paperwork to get your hearing with the DMV. Basic Consequences for First Time Offenders. Almost all those arrested for DUI in California have to go to First Offender School in order to get their licenses back, but the length of time required for attendance varies depending on the BAC percentages at the time of arrest. License Suspensions for California DUI. A California DUI results in license suspension, which sets in 30 days after the arrest. When you are convicted of a California DUI, you will face consequences with your insurance company as well as in the courts. In order to get your license back or be approved for a restricted license, you will have to have proof of insurance. This can prove difficult because the insurance company will raise your premiums incredibly high due to your DUI. Your insurance company may even drop your coverage and refuse to cover you.

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