Portland Drunk Driving Offenses and DMV License Appeals

David Lesh, a former Oregon DUII prosecutor, is an experienced attorney providing professional and affordable defense to men, women, and juveniles facing misdemeanor and felony Oregon DUI and companion charges in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Columbia, Clatsop, Tillamook, Hood River, and Yamhill counties. In addition to his Oregon DUI defense practice, Mr. Lesh also represents persons charged with major traffic crimes, tickets, and offenses including careless and reckless driving; failure to perform the duties of a driver; criminal mischief in the second degree; assault in the fourth degree; and attempting to elude a police officer in the State of Oregon. In five years as an Oregon deputy district attorney, David Lesh successfully tried numerous Oregon DUI cases and prosecuted nearly every type of major traffic offense. Mr. Lesh’s legal background, negotiation skill, and trial expertise can make all the difference when you or someone you love face an Oregon DUII, reckless driving, hit and run, or other major traffic offense. Answer: Your Oregon driver license may be suspended for failing―BAC.08% or greater, you can request an appeal of the proposed suspension for failing or refusing the test. If you had a valid Oregon drivers license at the time of your breath test failure / refusal, you should be issued a temporary permit that will allow you to drive for 30 days until your suspension is scheduled to begin. Answer: Oregon only has the authority to suspend your right to drive in Oregon. Put another way, Oregon cannot suspend your license in Washington, California or any other state. In general terms, Oregon is required to report an Oregon DUII conviction to the home state of the driver. If you are an Oregon licensed driver and you receive a DUI / DWI / OWI / OVI / OUI out of state, Oregon will suspend you license if it learns of the conviction.

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Oklahoma Amends DUI Forfeiture Law

The Oklahoma Legislature amended the forfeiture laws as they relate to Oklahoma DUI or Oklahoma APC charges. Previously, the forfeiture of a motor vehicle used when the driver was driving under the influence required a conviction on the charge and that there be a previous conviction within the preceding ten years for DUI. Moreover, to forfeit the vehicle, either the previous conviction or the new conviction must have involved serious bodily injury to another or death. Title 47 O.S. Section 11-902b was amended to add an additional way for the state to forfeit any motor vehicle involved used by someone convicted of DUI or APC in Oklahoma. The new amendment allows the State to file a forfeiture action for any person convicted of a third or subsequent DUI or APC charge. The forfeiture action does not over ride or extinguish any security or ownership interest in the vehicle providing the person holding the security lien or ownership interest is not he person convicted nor had any reason to know or should have known that the vehicle was being used to commit the crime of DUI or APC. This is not new as other states have been tightening down on forfeitures for several years. Tennessee will forfeit and seize any vehicle being used in the commission of the crime of driving under suspension if the suspension is the result of a DUI charge. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, John is the lead attorney with the Hunsucker Legal Group. John is a Director on the Board of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association and a Sustaining Member of the National College of DUI Defense. John has co-authored 20 books on the subject of DUI Defense including Oklahoma DUI Defense, The Law and Practice. Locally, he has appeared on every major news station in the Oklahoma City market and has been quoted in the Daily Oklahoman for his extensive knowledge of DUI law.

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Atlanta Attorney Group

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