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If you would like to speak with the the best DUI attorney Orange County CA has to offer, you have come to the right DUI defense law firm. Our DUI attorney Orange County firm understands the complexities involved with a Orange County DUI arrest , and we will help build a strategy and represent your case in the Orange County Criminal Courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles ~ YOU HAVE A 10 DAY DMV DEADLINE FOR YOUR ATTORNEY TO CONTACT DMV TO STOP THE LICENSE SUSPENSION ~ If you currently have a drunk driving DUI case in Orange County California, Our Dui Attorney Orange County criminal defense firm is here to handle all cases in the county including , but not limited to, Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana. Getting a DUI in Orange County is a serious matter and should be handled by the best attorneys in Orange County, call us today. Dui Attorney Orange CountyWhen arrested in Orange County California for DUI, your case will be prosecuted by either the City Attorney / District Attorney and you will also face consequences relating to your California Driver’s License through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our DUI attorney Orange County law office knows you will need an experienced attorney who is very familiar with DUI arrests in Orange County, and how to assist you in resolving both of these issues as efficiently and as quickly as possible. You need to have the best DUI attorney Orange County CA has to offer, right from the beginning, starting with the DMV hearing. If you were arrested for an Orange County DUI then the Orange County District attorney will be prosecuting your case CALL US TODAY 877-227-9128. DUI Attorney Orange County, CAYou need to consult a qualified Orange County attorney. Our DUI Attorney Orange County website would like to offer a FREE consultation with you on the details of your case to help you protect your rights and prepare for a proper DUI defense. Our DUI Attorney Orange County law firm provides our potential clients with a free consultation with an attorney.

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San Diego DUI Attorney

To defend your case immediately puts the knowledge, skill and courtroom experience of a former Deputy District Attorney and a former Judicial Law Clerk, immediately on your side. During his legal career, Chris Sohovich strategically acquired particular knowledge and experience that makes him the best choice for anyone looking for an attorney to defend their criminal charges. Prior to becoming San Diego’s best Defense attorney, Mr. Sohovich obtained his first-hand inside view of the prosecution system as a former leading California Deputy District Attorney. As Mr. Sohovich can attest to… it is a ‘system’, and the attorney that does not have intimate knowledge and experience with it will likely not be able to reach the most favorable outcome for his/her client. The knowledge and experience as a former Deputy District Attorney Chris Sohovich brings to his client’s cases is unmatched. Choosing an attorney with extensive knowledge, skill and experience in the courtroom, like Chris Sohovich has, is vital. During the early stages of your case, using his experience and knowledge to be able to quickly analyze the facts of your case and have a feel for how a courtroom scenario might play-out down the road, gives Chris Sohovich an advantage in strategically constructing an aggressive defense of your case. If a prosecutor is at a point where he is negotiating with a defense attorney, if s/he is negotiating with a defense attorney with no or very little court-room experience, or a defense attorney who has a pathetic track record in the court-room, the prosecutor will be much less likely to ‘work with’ the defense attorney and go for the ‘win’ in court. If a prosecutor is in negotiations with an attorney with court-room skills and experience, the likelihood of a courtroom ‘loss’ can be a strong governing factor in the negotiating process and outcome of your case. If a defense attorney misses that window, the evidence against you can come in and additionally you may lose your chance to appeal that issue.

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Arrest for Driving Under the Influence DUI General Information

The officer is required by law to immediately forward a copy of the completed notice of suspension or revocation form and any driver license taken into possession, with a sworn report to the DMV. The DMV automatically conducts an administrative review that includes an examination of the officer’s report, the suspension or revocation order, and any test results. If the suspension or revocation is upheld during the administrative review, you may request a hearing to contest the suspension or revocation. You have the right to request a hearing from the DMV within 10 days of receipt of the suspension or revocation order. Your driver license will be returned to you at the end of the suspension or revocation, provided you pay a $125 reissue fee to the DMV and you file proof of financial responsibility. You may drive for 30 days from the date the order of suspension or revocation was issued, provided you have been issued a California driver license and your driver license is not expired, or your driving privilege is not suspended or revoked for some other reason. Back to Top of PageThe Notice of Suspension that the officer gave me at the time of my arrest states I have ten days to request an administrative hearing. If you are under 21 year of age, took a preliminary alcohol screening test or other chemical test and results showed 0.01% BAC or more, your driving privilege will be suspended for 1 year. The officer suspects you were driving under the influence of drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol, or Both the blood or breath tests are not available, or You are a hemophiliac, or You are taking anticoagulant medication in conjunction with a heart condition. The DMV suspension or revocation is an immediate administrative action taken against your driving privilege only. This is called Administrative Per Se. Any sanctions imposed by DMV under APS are independent of any court-imposed jail sentence, fine, or other criminal penalty imposed when a person is convicted for driving under the influence.

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