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Since DUI and traffic violations affect your insurance premiums and possibly even your right to drive, you should consult with experienced attorneys before you plead guilty on a DUI charge or file for informal or formal hearing to restore your driving privileges. A Statutory Summary Suspension is an administrative procedure providing for the automatic driver’s license suspension of a driver arrested for DUI who fails chemical testing or who refuses to submit to or fails to complete testing. Drivers under age 18 are not eligible for a JDP. * First-time DUI offenders may request a JDP from the court to allow limited driving during a Statutory Summary Suspension. Additional Consequences of DUI, Illinois A DUI conviction is a permanent part of an offender’s driving record. Aggravated DUIA third or subsequent DUI conviction; a DUI while driving a school bus carrying children; a DUI resulting in great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement; a DUI without a license or permit; a DUI with no proof of insurance; or a DUI after a prior conviction of reckless homicide or Aggravated DUI resulting in one or more details. Judicial Driving Permit, Illinois Drivers under age 18 are not eligible for a JDP. First-time DUI offenders may request a JDP from the court to allow limited driving during a Statutory Summary Suspension. Full driving privileges are lost for a minimum of five years if a driver receives a second conviction for any of the following: DUI; leaving the scene of a personal injury or fatal crash; reckless homicide, or any combination of these offenses in a 20-year period. A person convicted of DUI who lost his/her driving privileges because of a summary suspension will have that time credited to the minimum driver’s license revocation period. To have driving privileges reinstated in Illinois, a driver convicted of DUI must: Have a clear driving record other than the revocation sanction. During the period of this suspension, your driver’s license is retained by the court wherein your DUI case was processed, and you will need to contact that court regarding the return of your driver’s license.

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The last 15 minutes he’ll tell you that it’s going to be $12,500 for the defense of your DUI. DO NOT HIRE THIS JOKER! If it’s your first DUI and you did not crash or hurt anyone, then save yourself the money and go with a public defender or just show up for your court date and throw your self upon the mercy of the court, you’ll save yourself about $15,000. It’s pretty much cut and dry, you’ll have to attend DUI courses and attend a MADD presentention, but please don’t give these idiots your money! DUI consequences are stringent and life changing enough, but trying to do it with no money is near impossible. You just got arrested for a DUI, you are scared of going to jail. FACT: 99% of first time offenders for DUI do NOT do any jail time. Most DUI lawyers will charge around 1500-2500 and it’s a very standard practice. DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS! There are much more reputable and HONEST lawyers that are out there that will help you with your DUI case if you need it. If you walk into their office by mistake, turn around and run away, and find a good attorney to represent you…. After my husband getting a DUI, we turned to Mr. DUI. The founder, Eugene Ellis has you come in for the initial meeting late at night, then you have to watch this boring 30 minute DVD about all of the great work he has done, and how he gets people off, and really tries to sell you a pitch. To whom ever got a DUI: a) Do not get a lawyer b) Do not go with Ellis’s services Ellis’ lawyers do not care about their clients what so ever, I got screwed in the worse possible way and not only the $4000 I spent did not help, it made things worse as now that it’s been 9 months since my violation and only because of following Greg Bell’s misleading advices I will not get my full license back until July-10. The worse part is that after going through the restriction period and completing the DUI class I finally got my full license back in January, however when I got convicted on March now I have to go back on driving restrictions for another 4 months! Save your money, go with a public defender.

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Trial attorneys Gill Cochran and Mandeep Chhabra have more than 60 years of combined experience representing clients throughout Maryland with their personal injury or criminal law matters and have handled thousands of cases. We offer practical advice, strong advocacy and a thorough commitment to personal client service from the first consultation to the eventual resolution of your case. Our Annapolis personal injury attorneys focus on the accurate assessment and evaluation of claims, the careful development and presentation of evidence on issues of liability and damages, and a refusal to recommend settlement for amounts less than what we believe we could achieve in front of a jury. Our accomplished attorneys are prepared to assist client families with the practical problems they face in the aftermath of a serious accident, such as medical expenses for uninsured accident victims or problems with disability benefits. In our criminal defense and DUI defense practice, we look for ways to minimize our clients’ exposure to punishment through pretrial diversion, probation before judgment and the aggressive use of pretrial motions to keep damaging evidence out of the record and force dismissal or significant reduction of serious charges. Our defense strategies have proved effective in cases from DUI/DWI to drug charges and other serious felony offenses. We defend clients of Annapolis, the surrounding counties in Maryland, Naval Academy midshipmen and other military personnel at both the trial and appellate level. Not Your Typical Lawyers …. Gill Cochran has represented thousands of clients and made significant case law in more than 45 years of trial practice in state and federal courts of Maryland. Mandeep Singh Chhabra was selected as a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum for the Top Trial Lawyers in America and was also selected for inclusion in Maryland Super Lawyers Rising Stars. To learn more about the benefits of working with experienced and client-focused trial attorneys, contact the Annapolis law firm of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, for a free consultation.

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