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Ramsell & Associates, LLC ILLINOIS DUI AND DRUNK DRIVING TRIAL VICTORIES. A Ramsell client with a.16 Breath test was found not guilty after a jury trial where evidence related to a heart condition, coupled with a defect in the accuracy of the breath test, was unveiled. A Ramsell client was cleared of a DUI charge following a jury trial, in spite of evidence that he rear-ended a vehicle at a toll booth, pushing the car through the tollgate and on top of the toll collection machine. A Ramsell client was acquitted of Drunk Driving charges by a jury, despite a videotape revealing that he had failed field sobriety testing, after the audio portion was enhanced to reveal prejudicial comments by the police officers. A Ramsell client was found not guilty of his 2d DUI after the breath test evidence of.23 was suppressed for inherent machine errors. Several Ramsell clients were cleared of DUI charges after it was revealed that the accuracy checks were being performed using non-laboratory solutions being made in the basement of a State Trooper’s home. A Ramsell client was acquitted of a felony DUI case after his.18 blood test was declared invalid due to certain medications being administered prior to the blood draw. Several Ramsell clients were cleared of DUI charges when Ramsell discovered that the breath machines had been rigged to produce false air blank testing results. Several Ramsell clients were acquitted of DUI charges after Ramsell discovered that certain critical tests were not performed by the State laboratory prior to placing the machines into the field for use on suspects. A Ramsell client was acquitted of a DUI by a jury, despite a breath test of.14, where evidence revealed that his asthma inhaler could lead to falsely elevated BAC readings. A booking room video was used to clear a Ramsell client of a DUI when it revealed that the test operator failed to properly observe the defendant prior to his breath test result of.18.A pilot was cleared of a DUI with a.23 blood test after a single vehicle accident when it was revealed that the State had improperly communicated with the doctor, and after the blood test results showed a variety of abnormalities in the clients hematocrit ratio.

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San Mateo County DUI Attorneys

At Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, we are criminal defense attorneys and DUI defense lawyers who represent adults and minors in criminal and juvenile court cases. We are based out of Redwood City, California, and represent individuals in courts across the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. For our work, Nafiz Ahmed has been selected three years in a row by the editors of San Francisco Magazine and Super Lawyers as a Super Lawyers Rising Star – an award reserved for the top 2.5% of all criminal defense attorneys in Northern California under 40 years old. Defending a DUI charge in Redwood City, San Jose or Palo Alto, is one of the most complex tasks any criminal defense attorneys can choose to undertake. Representing a client facing a charge of driving under the influence requires that the DUI defense attorney know the complete ins-and-outs of defending the DUI in the California Department of Motor Vehicles in an Administrative Per Se Hearing, as well as, in the criminal court. Nafiz M. Ahmed has been recognized by one of the nation’s largest legal publishers as a top DUI defense lawyer. Mr. Ahmed is a twice nationally published author in DUI defense strategies. If you have been charged with a DUI in South San Francisco, Redwood City, San Jose or Palo Alto, we know that the entire system is grabbing at your wallet. As criminal lawyers in San Jose we have represented clients in Santa Clara County who have faced life in prison for three-strike cases; two-strike cases; serious or violent felonies, i.e., attempted murder, car-jacking, robbery, first degree burglary, gang-related stabbings; child pornography sex offenses requiring mandatory lifetime sex offender registration; child molestation, felony possession of methamphetamine for sale; felony possession of marijuana for sale, weapons offenses and many more. If you or someone you love, whether an adult or minor is facing criminal or DUI charges in San Mateo or Santa Clara Counties and you are looking for an attorney who actually cares, will treat you fairly and who can actually make a difference in your case, call us toll free at 866-477-0965 or email us through this site in order to set up a no-obligation consultation.

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San Francisco DUI Attorneys & DUI Lawyers in San Francisco

Officers take note of so-called vehicle in motion DUI Driving Cues, the details of which are included in police reports. The DUI investigation will continue or be initiated after the officers stop the motorist and make personal contact with the driver during the pre-arrest screening phase of a driving under the influence investigation. Multiple offense DUI cases such as a third offense DUI or even a fourth arrest for drunk driving will lead to increasingly serious DUI penalties which may include mandatory jail time or even a state prison commitment. The consequences of a DUI accident or a DUI accident causing injury or death are very severe and may lead to an actual jail or prison sentence even for a first offense driving under the influence conviction. Top California DUI Attorney Robert Tayac is recognized as being a top California DUI lawyer and leads an experienced team of highly qualified DUI investigators and DUI experts who serve clients accused of driving under the influence violations in San Francisco and all San Francisco Bay Area Courts. Mr. Tayac has specialized education, training, and experience in driving under the influence defense, enabling him to handle any California DUI case. Mr. Tayac, as a former San Francisco Police Officer and Police Inspector, is the only California DUI attorney trained by the San Francisco Police Department in DUI investigation and certified by the San Francisco Police Department on the Intoxylizer 5000 breath alcohol testing device. The Intoxylizer 5000 is the only evidential breath testing device used in San Francisco driving under the influence prosecutions and Federal DUI prosecutions arising from arrests occurring within the Presidio National Park. Mr. Tayac coauthored the Fourth Edition of California Drunk Driving Defense, which is the practice guide other attorneys use as a reference when they have questions regarding how to handle their clients’ driving under the influence cases. For nearly twenty years, Mr. Tayac’s office has been and remains the choice of professionals who are accused of driving under the influence and are being prosecuted in San Francisco or one of the surrounding counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Sonoma.

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