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DUI is known by many names across the United States, including DUI, DWI, OVI, OWI, Driving Under the Influence, and Operating or Driving While Intoxicated, Drunk Driving, and more. Because of the strictness and social stigma of drunk driving laws, even first time offenders may face severe penalties, including mandatory jail time, court-ordered placement of an Ignition Interlock Device, thousands in legal fees, court fines, community service, DUI school, drug or alcohol treatment programs, a permanent criminal record, and more. If you have been recently charged with a DUI / DWI / DWAI, you will likely face more than one charge, which may be surprising for first time offenders who thought they were only violating a traffic law. People charged with DUI should understand that a Driving While Intoxicated conviction not only affects their lives, but it also affects the lives of that person’s friends, family, and co-workers. If your defending DUI lawyer or DWI attorney and their respective firms appeal for probation or an alternative conviction, you may have to serve community service, install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle that you must blow into every time you want to drive somewhere, agree to random drug testing, spend time at home in the form of electronic home detention, take mandatory drug, or alcohol education classes even if you have not had any addictions in the past. These charges and penalties can really mess with your mind, never mind your pocket and your social relations! That’s why it’s so important to take your case seriously, get the right information, don’t tell the police more than you should, and if you have been arrested hire a qualified DUI attorney to represent you in court, because the laws that are posted may or may not apply in your case and to your crimes. If you are charged for DWI/DUI, you should immediately contact a qualified DUI lawyer who deals in and drunk driving defense to represent you and requires you to file an appeal on your behalf within working 7 days. MyDUIattorney.org is a website directory which lists DUI / DWI attorneys and DWI / DUI lawyers, some of whom are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and have experience in DUI Defense and helping people settle and/or mitigate their charges. The directory lists DUI lawyers according to the state, county, and city you were arrested in and you can even find and schedule consultations with DUI/DWI attorneys who handle the nuances of the local county and city laws, and who understand how DUI cases are dealt in local courtroom proceedings, whether felony or misdemeanor. Most of the lawyers listed at MyDUIattorney.org have been practicing as DWI lawyers for several years and understand the charges that you will be facing in cases of DUI, DUII and DWI. They are familiar with local laws in their state or county as they relate to DUI charges.

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San Francisco DUI Lawyer and California DMV Hearing Attorney

San Francisco Bay Area DUI lawyer Robert Tayac has been an attorney for more than twenty years and is recognized as being among the top driving under the influence defense lawyers in California. With offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, San Rafael, Walnut Creek and Napa, investigators and experts working with this highly specialized DUI attorney represent clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving with a blood alcohol level at or above the legal limit in the criminal courts of San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Alameda, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Sonoma and Napa counties and the Federal DUI Courts for the Northern District of California. Mr. Tayac’s office represents clients accused of driving with blood alcohol level of 0.08% or greater stemming from California driving under the influence arrests before the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Driver Safety Offices in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Santa Clara. Mr. Tayac is a present or past member of professional organizations whose focus is directed at representing individuals who are accused of driving under the influence, including the National College for DUI Defense, California DUI Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and California Public Defenders Association. The District Attorney of the county in which the driving under the influence arrest occurred will most often charge the driver with two separate criminal violations following a California drunk driving arrest. The second driving under the influence case is a California Department of Motor Vehicles administrative per se license suspension action, in which a person is at risk of having their California driver’s license or privilege to drive in California suspended. Drivers arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or greater in California have only ten calendar days from the date of the driving under the influence arrest to request a DMV administrative per se hearing. If a hearing is not requested within ten calendar days of the DUI arrest, the person’s California driver’s license or privilege to drive in California will automatically be suspended thirty days from the date of the arrest for a minimum of four months. California DMV administrative hearings can be won, but usually only by an attorney with knowledge of the administrative per se hearing process, the type of evidence presented and familiarity with the possible defenses in drunk driving and DMV cases. If you, a relative or someone you know has been or may be accused of drunk driving, driving with a blood alcohol level at or above the legal limit, or driving under the influence of medication or drugs, we invite you to read the information contained in this website and welcome you to call our office to discuss your case with an experienced DUI lawyer.

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