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As a Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney he endeavors to provide the information and advice essential to understand what lies ahead in the criminal justice system in California and can help to avoid the potential life long consequences resulting from an arrest, criminal prosecution or police investigation. Using this case, it is possible that a defense attorney can obtain release of a criminal defendant that is being held in custody pending trial and has not been able to afford bail. Matthew arraigned the accused and thereafter negotiated a resolution with the District Attorney as follows: The client would get treatment for addiction to meth, stay out of trouble for six months and the entire case would be dismissed. In one very recent case he was hired by a young man arrested by the CHP after his car was involved in a solo vehicle accident on Interstate 5, he was given a blood test that showed his BAC to be.14 and he was facing a loss of his driver’s license at the DMV. From a defense perspective the facts presented a bit of a challenge due to the elevated alcohol levels, undeterred, the attorney presented evidence by way of a forensic toxicologist, that the client’s ethanol concentration changed during the course of the investigation and the true level at the time of driving was not able to be determined. Criminal Defense Attorney and local Lawyer Matthew J. Ruff can answer your questions about Serious Felony cases, Three Strike Allegations, juvenile cases involving minors, DUI, DWI DMV Hearings, Expungement of Convictions, Bail Reduction, Jail Alternatives, Drunk Driving, Assault, Serious Drug Possession cases, Criminal Threats, Petty Theft, Felony, all shoplifting and petty theft cases, Domestic Violence and spousal abuse, Burglary, Robbery, Driving with Suspended License, identity theft, cases of hit and run. Call the Defense Attorney for a FREE CONSULTATION honest advice and information about your specific case and all available options for all cases in Los Angeles and Kern County. As a Local Criminal Defense Attorney in both Los Angeles and Kern County, Matthew Ruff has the advantage of knowing the particular Judge who will be hearing your case, as well as the specific prosecutor. Criminal Defense Lawyer, Matthew J. Ruff has personally defended thousands of cases! Unlike many other lawyers, attorney Ruff practices criminal law exclusively. Matthew can help to avoid a criminal record and increased insurance costs for all juvenile cases in Los Angeles, Orange and Kern Counties. The amazing results that our law firm has achieved are too numerous to list, however a short list of the 2010 cases include: Underage DUI Dismissed in Los Angeles Superior Court , Robbery Charges Dropped in Inglewood Juvenile Court, Refusal to submit to breath test suspension at DMV set aside in El Segundo, Third time drunk driving charges dropped in Santa Clarita, Drug Possession charges dismissed for minor in criminal Court in Torrance/Palos Verdes, Hit and Run charges dropped in Long Beach among the many other fantastic case results…. Most Recent Case Results.

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Washington Traffic

The department, upon receipt of the prescribed fee and upon determining that the petitioner is eligible to receive the license, may issue an ignition interlock driver’s license. A person may apply for an ignition interlock driver’s license anytime, including immediately after receiving the notices under RCW 46.20.308 or after his or her license is suspended, revoked, or denied. A person receiving an ignition interlock driver’s license waives his or her right to a hearing or appeal under RCW 46.20.308. Beginning with incidents occurring on or after September 1, 2011, when calculating the period of time for the restriction under RCW 46.20.720(3), the department must also give the person a day-for-day credit for the time period, beginning from the date of the incident, during which the person kept an ignition interlock device installed on all vehicles the person operates. An applicant for an ignition interlock driver’s license who qualifies under subsection of this section is eligible to receive a license only if the applicant files satisfactory proof of financial responsibility under chapter 46.29 RCW. Upon receipt of evidence that a holder of an ignition interlock driver’s license granted under this subsection no longer has a functioning ignition interlock device installed on all vehicles operated by the driver, the director shall give written notice by first-class mail to the driver that the ignition interlock driver’s license shall be canceled. If the cancellation becomes effective, the driver may obtain, at no additional charge, a new ignition interlock driver’s license upon submittal of evidence that a functioning ignition interlock device has been installed on all vehicles operated by the driver. A person aggrieved by the decision of the department on the application for an ignition interlock driver’s license may request a hearing as provided by rule of the department. A person whose ignition interlock driver’s license has been canceled under this section may reapply for a new ignition interlock driver’s license if he or she is otherwise qualified under this section and pays the fee required under RCW 46.20.380.(a) Unless costs are waived by the ignition interlock company or the person is indigent under RCW 10.101.010, the applicant shall pay the cost of installing, removing, and leasing the ignition interlock device and shall pay an additional fee of twenty dollars per month. The department shall consult with the administrative office of the courts, the state patrol, the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs, ignition interlock companies, and any other organization or entity the department deems appropriate. A person who does not have any driver’s license under this chapter, but who would otherwise be eligible under this section to apply for an ignition interlock license, may submit to the department an application for an ignition interlock license.

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