What if I refuse the breath test in a CA DUI? (A former DA & former cop discuss)

Will new DUI law backfire?

A Tulsa DUI attorney think a new DUI law will not be nearly as effective as proponents hope for. It was signed into law by the governor earlier this week, a new initiative to get tougher on drunk drivers. Heralded as closing a loophole that was allowing repeat offenders to slip through the cracks, it was sponsored by a lawmaker who’s wife had been hit by someone who had racked up five DUI’s. Current law requires cities and towns to send repeat offenders up the court system food chain, but some of them simply weren’t doing it, as the representative noted himself. An amount of money which could change since all DUI prosecutions must now be sent to a court of record. Smith foresees a change in enforcement for borderline DUI’s in order to preserve revenue. If the dollars and cents angle sounds cynical, consider the simple time factor officers will face with the new law.

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Arizona Department of Public Safety

In Arizona, if you are 21-years-old or older, you will receive a DUI if your Blood Alcohol Content is above. Refusal to take the test will result in an automatic one year suspension of your license if it is your first offense. If it is your second or third offense, your license will be suspended for two years. The table below shows the effects of alcohol within one hour on an average person of a given body weight. Please do not take this information as a license to drink irresponsibly. Everyone is different and alcohol effects each person in a different way. BAC.08%+ – Presumed under the influence 12oz. This table shows the effects of alcohol within one hour on an average of a given body weight. Please do not take this information as a license to drink irresponsibility. Everyone is different and alcohol effects each person differently.

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Source: https://www.azdps.gov/safety/impaired-driving

Potential compromise floated for Utah’s controversial DUI law

Potential compromise floated for Utah’s controversial DUI law. Lawmakers may be a long way from toasting a deal, but a potential compromise is being floated for Utah’s controversial. The statute is not slated to take effect for more than a year; but since the time it was enacted last winter by the Utah Legislature, some have found. A person convicted of DUI can have their license suspended for 120 days. A spokesman for Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes said Hughes prefers repeal of the.05 law, but would support reducing penalties, that’s more likely to pass. Rep. Norm Thurston, R-Provo, sponsored the.05 law, and took a dim view of the potential compromise. An interim committee of lawmakers is looking at the.05 law, and a plan how to address it may emerge before the legislature’s next general session.

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Industry groups want.05 DUI law repealed, but lawmakers may be unwilling

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has indicated his support for a tiered penalty system, with separate punishments for people who are arrested for DUI between. Rep. Karen Kwan, D-Taylorsville, told FOX 13 she is running a bill to address issues like driver licenses for immigrants and concealed weapons holders who may lose privileges when arrested for a.05 DUI. She is also not ruling out a repeal bill. Rep. Thurston said he believes the law is here to stay. Rep. Thurston has begun circulating to his colleagues a new study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research that claims lowering BAC to.05 could reduce fatal alcohol-related crashes by as much as 11 percent. The study also estimates that nationwide, an additional 1,790 lives could be saved.

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Source: http://fox13now.com/2017/11/21/industry-groups-want-05-dui-law-repealed-but-lawmakers-may-be-unwilling/

DUI Offenses

Revocation of Drivers License for 2 years if crash resulted in bodily injury Revocation of Drivers License for 5 years if crash resulted in a death. License revocation for 1 year – Restricted License available. License revocation for 2 years/Restricted License available. License revocation for 6 years/Restricted license available. License revocation for 8 years/Restricted license available. Vehicular Assault Serious injury to another person by a DUI driver Class D Felony [39-13-106] License revocation from 1 to 5 years according to number of prior offenses. License revocation for 3-10 years/NO restricted license available. Fees to reinstate a driver license after alcohol-related offenses. Required to apply for valid license & pay appropriate driver license fee. License revocation for 1 year/No provision for restricted license.

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Source: https://www.tn.gov/safety/publicsafety/duioutline.html

Penalties for Driving Under the Influence

16 blood alcohol concentration Two days imprisonment and $750 fine if BAC.16 or greater. 18 BAC 180 day suspension if.18 BAC or greater. 18 BAC Two year suspension if.18 BAC or greater. Penalty for a DUI with a minor in the vehicle is up to one year imprisonment and/or a $2,000 fine. Refusal to submit to a chemical test as required by law may be considered a crime and may result in revocation of your driving privileges for 180 days to 3 years. Criminal Vehicular Injury results in up to five years imprisonment. Criminal Vehicular Homicide results in up to 20 years imprisonment. North Dakota has a zero tolerance for anyone under the age of 21 operating a motor vehicle when blood alcohol measures. If you see an impaired driver on the road you can report this to law enforcement by call 9-1-1.

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Source: https://www.dot.nd.gov/divisions/safety/penaltiesdrinkingdriving.htm