DUI Checkpoint Refusal Explained: Legal Survival Guide Ep 1

New York State of Opportunity Department of Motor Vehicles

Chemical Test Refusal within five years of a previous DWI-related charge/Chemical Test Refusal$750 civil penaltyNoneRevoked for at least 18 months, one-year or until age 21 for drivers under age 21, permanent CDL revocation for commercial drivers. Chemical Test Refusal – Zero Tolerance Law$300 civil penalty and $100 re-application feeNoneRevoked for at least one year. Chemical Test Refusal – Second or subsequent Zero Tolerance Law$750 civil penalty and $100 re-application feeNoneRevoked for at least one year. Driving Under the Influence N/AN/ARevoked for at least 90 days. If less than 21 years of age, revoked at least one year. Driving Under the Influence with any previous alcohol-drug violationN/AN/ARevoked for at least 90 days. If less than 21 years of age, revoked at least one year or until age 21..

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Source: https://dmv.ny.gov/tickets/penalties-alcohol-or-drug-related-violations

Illinois court deems parts of state DUI law unconstitutional

CHICAGO – A major ruling by an Illinois appeals court declares part of a state law on DUI tests unconstitutional and reverses the first-degree murder conviction of a man accused of fatally striking a mother and injuring her 6-year-old son in Chicago in 2009. A 2-to-1 ruling by the Illinois Appellate Court 1st District this week orders a new trial for Ralph Eubanks. He was convicted in 2014 and sentenced to 40 years in prison in 48-year-old Maria Worthon’s death. A district deputy defender told the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday that the appeals court found it was unconstitutional to have forced Eubanks without a warrant to give blood and urine tests. Prosecutors could appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court. The Cook County state’s attorney’s office told the Tribune it’s reviewing the decision.

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Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/illinois-court-deems-parts-of-state-dui-law-unconstitutional/

Georgia DUI Law, A Resource For Lawyers and Judges

View a sample of this title using the ReadNow feature. Georgia’s DUI laws are exceptionally hard on drinking drivers. When alcohol levels exceed 0.08 grams, Georgia judges have no choice but to sentence drivers to jail. This one-volume, case-bound reference does much more than compile short summations of relevant cases. By providing in-depth analysis of a series of representative cases, Georgia DUI Law highlights the seemingly minor factual variations that can affect the court’s reasoning and ultimate holding. It supplies the guidance you need to structure a more successful legal argument, conduct more effective investigation and discovery, and deliver more compelling opening and closing arguments. Georgia DUI Law includes numerous references to the Official Code of Georgia.

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Source: https://store.lexisnexis.com/products/georgia-dui-law-a-resource-for-lawyers-and-judges-skuusSku46991

State of Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

First Conviction:Imprisonment – Up to 1 year in municipal or county jailFine – $500 – $2,000, plus an additional $100 fine assessed for Impaired Drivers Trust FundMandatory – 90-day license suspension, DUI school attendance. Second Conviction:Imprisonment – 48 consecutive hours, up to 1 year, or not less than 20 days community service. Fine – $1,000 – $5,000, plus an additional $100 fine assessed for Impaired Drivers Trust FundMandatory – Not less than 48 hours consecutive imprisonment, or community service of not less than 20 days. Third Conviction Within 5 Years:Imprisonment – 60 days in municipal or county jail, up to 1 year. Mandatory – 60-day imprisonment which cannot be probated or suspended.

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Source: http://dps.alabama.gov/Home/wfContent.aspx?ID=40&PLH1=plhHighwayPatrol-DUIConvictions

The 10 Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Charleston, SC 2017

Query Sautter Forsythe, LLC comprises a diverse, experienced and professional team of lawyers. Together, we work tirelessly to help you obtain the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Our lawyers have earned their reputation for never backing down. Whether you suffer injury in an auto accident, medical malpractice incident or other type of serious accident, we represent you with the utmost passion and zeal. While plaintiff personal injury law is tough in South Carolina, our firm is tougher; we never give up. While most injury cases end through settlement negotiations, our attorneys are fully prepared to fight relentlessly for your rights, just as we do for each and every client.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in South Carolina

Each case is reviewed and evaluated on its own merits. Any result Eleanor Duffy Cleary or Cleary Law LLC may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients. This website is intended to provide general information regarding Cleary Law LLC and does not constitute legal advice. Please note that use of this website, and the sending or receiving of information from this website, does not yet create an attorney-client relationship, and no information is considered confidential or privileged. You should insist on a written, express agreement of representation signed by you and your attorney.

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South Coast DUI Law Center Website

Client SatisfactionBeing charged with a crime is a very unpleasant and unhappy experience. At South Coast DUI Law Center, rest assured that your calls will be answered, your concerns addressed, and your choices will be fully informed. Effective PreparationThe best opportunity to get a favorable result following a DUI arrest is preparing to win at trial. Unmatched ResultsThe simple formula of experienced and aggressive advocacy at all stages of a DUI case-from pre-filing negotiation to DMV hearings to jury trial and appeal-maximizes the opportunity for clients to achieve their goals following a DUI arrest and obtain unmatched results.

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Source: http://www.socodui.com/

Maryland DUI Law, 2017-2018 ed. (Vol. 8…

Maryland DUI Law takes you through a DUI case in Maryland, from the initial traffic stop and first client contact through administrative hearings, the trial, and the appeals process. Valuable practice tips and insight into preparing a DUI case. Direct and cross-examination techniques for various witnesses, from the state’s experts to the arresting officer. Analysis of the breath- and blood-testing processes, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of key evidentiary issues. This volume includes a chapter on the federal DUI, as well as appendixes containing relevant statutes, rules and regulations, and forms.

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Source: https://legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.com/law-products/Treatises/Maryland-DUI-Law-2017-2018-ed-Vol-8-Maryland-Practice-Series/p/104803094