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DUI Laws & DWI Laws

That’s why it’s important if you’ve been arrested for a DUI to contact a skilled SC DUI attorney in your county right away to protect your rights. In order to be convicted of South Carolina DUI, the prosecutor must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a person’s mental and physical faculties are materially and appreciably impaired due to the ingestion of alcohol that the person cannot operate a vehicle safely on the roads of South Carolina. Repeat SC DUI offenders are those who are arrested for drunk driving more than once every 10 years. Drunk driving law mandates that a fourth-offense DUI conviction will be treated as a felony and the law does recognize convictions from other states. Restricted driver’s licenses are available, but it is critical that you contact a qualified DUI defense lawyer right away if you are arrested for South Carolina drunk driving and give a chemical test of.08% or greater. Let one of our attorneys find a solution to your legal problem; contact a South Carolina DUI attorney near you for a free consultation or call 1.800.DUI.LAWS. DUI Laws Regarding Implied Consent. South Carolina is quite innovative in one aspect of its DUI law: South Carolina is the only state in the nation with mandatory videotaping by the arresting officer of the DUI arrest and breath test. Videotape is the most accurate, honest, representation of what happens in the field and at the police station following a South Carolina DUI arrest. The law requires that the tape begin no later than the activation of the officer’s blue lights and conclude after the arrest of the person for DUI and must include the person being advised of his/her Miranda Warnings, if required by state or Federal law, before any field sobriety tests are given. Penalties for Felony DUI. If a person is convicted of felony DUI for causing great bodily harm to another, he or she is subject to a mandatory fine of at least $5000.

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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Charleston attorneys at Joye Law Firm can help you through the confusion and strain that follow a serious accident. Charleston Municipal Court is the court of local jurisdiction for the City of Charleston, South Carolina, and is responsible for adjudicating criminal misdemeanor offenses involving city ordinances and state statutes. The telephone number for the Municipal Court is 724-7460. The Court of Common Pleas is the Circuit Court branch that has jurisdiction over civil cases in Charleston County in which the value at stake exceeds $7,500. Cases involving less than $7,500 are heard in the Small Claims Magistrates’ Court. The state agency in charge of administering the workers’ compensation laws in South Carolina is the S.C. Workers’ Compensation Commission. The agency is broken into districts, with Charleston forming District 4. If you’ve been seriously injured in a Charleston accident, you can trust our attorneys to work to get you the money and benefits you are entitled to receive. If you would like to have your accident related Charleston, South Carolina business listed here, please contact via email: List my Site.Heartland Rehabilitation Services – The licensed therapists at our Heartland Rehabilitation Services clinics provide comprehensive programs in sports medicine and industrial, pediatric, physical, occupational, speech and orthopedic therapy for patients recovering from major surgery, strokes, heart attacks, neurological and orthopedic conditions, and other illnesses, injuries and disabilities. Charleston Collision leverages state-of-the-art auto body repair technology and expertise to correctly restore damaged light to medium duty vehicles for owners in the Charleston, SC metro area.

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Charleston County South Carolina Lawyers

When you need legal representation for something such as a car accident claim, DUI charges, criminal charges, real estate legal issues or business law issues, you can’t just settle for any law firm. Based in Pawleys, South Carolina, The Weathers Law Firm represent clients throughout South Carolina in a wide variety of cases, including criminal, drug crimes, DUI, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and real estate law. Cases Our Charleston County Lawyers Handle Personal injury including back injury, neck injury and catastrophic injury cases. Auto accidents including rear end collisions, head-on collisions and drunk driving accidents Motorcycle accidents including single bike accidents and lane splitting accidents. Trucking accidents which include lane change accidents, jack knife accidents and fatal trucking accidents. Car accidents such as teen driver accidents, pedestrian accidents, lane change accidents, crosswalk accidents, fatal car accidents Child injury claims including dog bites, auto accidents, assaults, sexual assaults, abuse, slip and fall cases and medical malpractice. Premises liability claims such as WalMart injuries, slip and falls, hotel accidents, golf course injuries and health club accidents and injuries. Workers’ Compensation which includes workplace slip and falls, work related car accidents, repetitive stress injuries, back injury claims and equipment accidents. Business Organization which includes business formation & filing organizational documents with the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Office. Mr. Weathers handles accident, injury and workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis meaning he charges no fee if he does not recover for you and your family.

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