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Since becoming a licensed attorney in 2008, Evan Watson has devoted 100% of his time and efforts to DUI and criminal defense work. While practicing defense work at the law firm of Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis, Mr. Watson defended close to 300 cases, ranging from speeding citations to felony homicide charges. The depth of his practice has allowed Mr. Watson to learn the ins and outs of North Georgia and Metro Atlanta courts, as well as the intricacies of Georgia criminal DUI law. At The Citadel, Evan excelled in academics and military leadership, earning both Dean’s List and Commandant’s List Honors. While in Charleston, Evan helped to spearhead the “My Study Place” initiative, a program that placed personal desks in the homes of over 50 local elementary school students. As a member of the Georgia Criminal Defense Bar, Evan is constantly attending training to stay current on the latest defense strategies. Evan is a member of the National College of DUI Defense and the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. In 2010, Evan graduated GACDL’s Bill Daniels Trial Advocacy Program, an intensive program designed to give trial attorneys the real-world instruction and experience they need to master the art and science of courtroom advocacy. Evan attends the NCDD’s required biennial training to stay current on the latest scientific advances in the field of DUI defense. Evan is the past President of the Forsyth County Criminal Defense Bar and past member of the Forsyth County Tripartite Committee.

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Best Charleston Lawyer News for 01-15-2018

Charleston DUI lawyer Joe Good is a qualified and experienced DUI criminal defense attorney who focuses on offering a complete drunk driving defense strategy. Because of the potential financial, legal and social consequences of a DUI in South Carolina, it is important to seek legal help from a DUI Lawyer in Charleston County. Charleston DUI attorney Joe Good will review the details of your arrest, ask about your needs and then outline your legal options and his fee. Penalties for a DUI in Charleston County, SC. There are both criminal and civil penalties associated with driving under the influence in Charleston County. Charleston DUI attorney Joe Good can help you with all aspects of your DUI defense, including representing you at the DMV hearing and aggressively defending you in the courtroom. Contact Charleston DUI lawyer Joe Good to learn more. Charleston DUI attorney Joe Good understands the impact an arrest for suspicion of drunk driving in Charleston County can have on a person’s life. Charleston County DUI attorney Joe Good offers competitively priced, fair fees for his services. Charleston DUI lawyer Joe Good is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police in DUI detection and the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. To learn more about your rights and your options, schedule a free consultation with Charleston County DUI attorney Joe Good by filling out the form or calling 371-1117.

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CARLEY ANDERSON offers health care services in Charleston, South Carolina as a/an Addiction Medicine professional. If you have immediate questions, inquiries, or medical needs relating directly to CARLEY ANDERSON you may reach out to them at their Charleston location in South Carolina at 8437925386. It is best to go through the Charleston contact information listed here, rather than approaching CARLEY ANDERSON through personal contact information. To find out if CARLEY ANDERSON is a good fit for your health care needs, contact them directly at their office, located near the 29425-8905 area. Contacting CARLEY ANDERSON via telephone, before traveling to their Charleston location is generally a choice. Rehab Reviews is always looking for more first-hand CARLEY ANDERSON reviews from clients, patients, or staff who lived in or visited their sober living environment. If you can avoid it, we would prefer you not disclose personally identifiable information or data about CARLEY ANDERSON or their recent or current clients. We can’t allow you to beg, borrow, or steal content from someone else’s review of CARLEY ANDERSON and publish it here. If you are a representative of CARLEY ANDERSON, you may contact us to resolve disputed or factual untrue information, but please don’t write promotional content about your own place of business. If you are a client of CARLEY ANDERSON and have information that can help improve the quality of the data or information on this page, you can contact us directly.

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A DUI attorney can be a helpful resource if you’re charged with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs in South Carolina. Keep reading to learn more about DUI attorneys in South Carolina. Hiring a South Carolina lawyer that specializes in cases of driving under the influence can help you navigate the legal system when you’re arrested and charged with a DUI or similar offense. Not only can hiring a DUI lawyer save you time, it can also ensure that you fulfill all of your legal requirements and alleviate any confusion you may have once you’re charged with a DUI. DUI Charges in South Carolina. You can be arrested for a DUI if you’re caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A DUI attorney can represent you if you are charged with a DUI or a similar offense. Getting arrested for DUI has several consequences; BOTH the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and the criminal court will take action. A South Carolina DUI attorney can help you understand your responsibilities before, during, and after legal proceedings. Although an attorney can add to your cost, many people charged with a DUI find that the benefits and time savings are well worth the added expense. DUI Lawyer Charleston, SC. In South Carolina, it is unlawful for a person to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs so that the driver’s facilities to operate the vehicle are materially impaired.

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