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I put both of my skill sets and knowledge to work when representing you in the legal system to see that your rights are preserved, and you are protected concerning criminal law, DUI defense, DWI defense, personal injury, medical and legal malpractice, or other legal areas in which I practice. As a board certified internist, I also do medical expert work in the areas of medical fraud, including adolescent and adult medicine, hospital negligence, nursing home negligence, prison negligence, and drug rehabilitation program negligence. If you’re in need of a criminal defense attorney near Charleston, SC or Columbia, call today! With more than 20 years of medical experience, I can easily identify when a medical mistake, error, or omission has been made in an adult or adolescent patient. In my legal practice I represent my clients who suffer from medical malpractice and personal injury to the best of my ability and look forward to working together with them as a team and a personal injury lawyer.

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With an engineering degree from Clemson University and a law degree from the University of South Carolina, T.O. Sanders is one of a select few attorneys in South Carolina with an engineering background. As a law clerk for the Honorable Charles W. Whetstone, Jr. in South Carolina’s First Circuit, and as an assistant solicitor for Charleston County’s Ninth Judicial Circuit, T.O. Sanders gained trial experience early in his legal career. Rated AV® Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hubble, T.O. Sanders has handled a wide variety of civil and criminal cases in local, state and federal courts. Scientific and mechanical expertise is required to understand certain legal issues, whether they be construction-related, exposure-related or accident-related. As an engineer and a lawyer, T.O. Sanders is uniquely qualified to help you. To create value for you using our knowledge and experience.

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Law Office Of Michael O’Neal

Since 1999, the Law Office Of Michael O’Neal has been committed to providing criminal law attorney services to the people of North Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas. We take pride in providing the assistance you need to get the results you want. We take care to ensure that our clients are knowledgeable about their case, so that they can make informed legal decisions as they arise. At the Law Office Of Michael O’Neal, we are dedicated to winning results for our clients. Whether you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor, we will fight for you! We will represent you aggressively and work hard to resolve your issue. We know that each client’s case is different, so we take a different approach with each one. We know it’s important to tailor the case to the specific situation, and in a unique way, so that our clients see results. The Law Office Of Michael O’Neal is here when you need us. We know that unjust criminal charges and regulations can be confusing and stressful.

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The challenge of responding to a criminal allegation can seem overwhelming, but you can discuss your situation with a Charleston, SC, lawyer. The practice of Tim Amey – Attorney at Law provides local representation and individual attention for our clients. We’re available for appointments on a flexible schedule, and our friendly office staff works hard to help you schedule around any issues that might pop up. We offer you the chance to speak directly with a former North Charleston prosecutor who has also handled DUI prosecutions. Our firm’s goal is to protect our clients’ rights in accordance with the law. Accusations of drug trafficking, use, or possession. Getting in touch with the practice of Tim Amey – Attorney at Law is easy because we’re available to take calls Monday through Sunday, all hours. A Charleston, SC, lawyer may be able to offer an impartial perspective regarding your situation. Call us now and hear how we’d elect to manage a case like yours.

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Trusted DUI Attorney

The Mikell Law Firm offers inclusive and strong legal services and representation regarding criminal defense and DUI cases in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The Mikell Law Firm is dedicated to individual relationships, prompt and direct communication in addition to defending our clients to provide the best possible outcome. Criminal attorney Jason T. Mikell has an extensive and established track record in effective legal counsel and exceptional client service in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Being a criminal and DUI attorney is defined by our client’s success. The focus is on the individual and their specific case details. We will work diligently and fight for you to receive the best possible results we are able to achieve. The Mikell Law Firm looks forward to assisting you in any legal situation you may be charged with. To schedule a free consultation with The Mikell Law Firm, please call 843-849-1615.

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INFORMED CONSENTAn agreement to do something or to allow something to happen, made with complete knowledge of all relevant facts, such as the risks involved or any available al…. An agreement to do something or to allow something to happen, made with complete knowledge of all relevant facts, such as the risks involved or any available alternatives. A patient may give informed consent to medical treatment only after the healthcare professional has disclosed all possible risks involved in accepting or rejecting the treatment. A healthcare provider or facility may be held responsible for an injury caused by an undisclosed risk. In another context, a person accused of committing a crime cannot give up his constitutional rights-for example, to remain silent or to talk with an attorney-unless and until he has been informed of those rights, usually via the well-known Miranda warnings.

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