Charleston DUI Charleston SC DUI News for December 29 2016

Need a North Charleston DUI Attorney to represent you for a DUI charge?
Attorney Susan Williams may be able … Charged with a DUI in North Charleston,

The state of South Carolina employs both criminal and administrative penalties
for drivers convicted of a first DUI in South Carolina. Criminal penalties are …

Oct 23, 2016 NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD)– The 9-year-old girl died from her injuries
in a multi-car wreck involving a drunk driver Saturday night has …

Mar 11, 2015 A Charleston South Carolina DUI has a statue that makes it illegal to drive a
motor vehicle "while alcohol concentration is .08 percent or more."

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, J. Brooks Davis assists clients with DUI
and traffic violations including speeding, reckless driving, hit and run and …

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